You Are Too Beautiful

20 Jun

Ohai! Tune in tew! ktxbai!
I know I’ve mentioned them before, but I am now officially addicted to Too Beautiful To Live - a radio program here in the Seattle area on 710 KIRO (at 7pm). I began listening to the show driving home from client meetings, which were only about 10 minutes or so from my house. So I’d really only catch snippets of the show, but I realized that I started making excuses to be in the car after 7pm so I could tune in! (Yes, I know radios work inside too…)

My obsession has now taken me to their website and I’ve even started commenting on their blog entries. I listen to them streaming live on iTunes in the evening and before I know it, I’ve spent 2+ hours updating my blog listening to Luke and I’ve even forgotten about my cherished television shows TiVoing!! What is wrong with me?!

The reason I love this program so much is because Luke Burbank is one of those people you just feel like could be your friend. I mean, the guy says “rad” every other word! Need I say more?

Feel the Burn
It’s been a whooping 14 months since Baby Bee ruined my body…I mean, was brought lovingly in to this world via my babyhole. In those 14 months, I haven’t done a single sit-up. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not bragging. The truth is, this post-baby body is in some serious, desperate need of a couple sit-ups. Like, a LOT of sit-ups.

So I’ve started a mild sit-up routine. And I’m already seeing, and feeling, some results, which is awesome possum. My Wii Fit would be so proud! However, I’m pretty sure that eating a Cinnabon with extra frosting as I recuperate from “working out” isn’t in any trainer’s workout plan…

Song Title: You Are Too Beautiful by Noa

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  1. the mama bird diaries June 20, 2008 at 10:29 am #

    Wow… that must be some radio show if you’re hanging in your car. But i agree, the car seems like the spot to listen to the radio. I’ve never really been a radio fan inside the house. But I love it in the car.

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