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Where Did You Go? | Mom to Bee

Where Did You Go?

27 Jun

Where you at son?
The drawback with having a blog that strangers stalkers people read is that they actually notice when you don’t blog for a few days! Mama Bee has been crazy busy this week, but don’t worry my little honeys, I’ll be back and blogging before you can say “WTF, there is nothing on television tonight…”

Home Sweet Home
We have a possibility for a new home but I’m trying really hard not to jump the gun. But…I’ve pretty much already decided where all our furniture will go and which rooms to paint. *sigh* I’m kind of a retard that way – I simply do not have any patience.

We found this new home in a new-fangled tube of internets kind of way. While obsessively searching websites for any new homes on the market, I found Zillow. It’s a great website for searching for homes on the market but they have an even cooler feature: the Make Me Move price. How it works: a home owner who hasn’t put on their house on the market can list a price that they would move for.

So the house we found has a Make Me Move price listed. Now this “asking price” is totally over market price (but not far off from what we were expecting to pay). I emailed them through the site and we’ve been exchanging emails ever since. We toured the house this week and really like it. An added plus is that the homeowners are super cool too – we actually ended up chatting for more than a half hour after we toured the house! I don’t know if they are sold on our offer, but we’ll see how things go in the next few weeks…

Are You Really Sure You Think You Can Dance?
I have to start this segment by saying I really really am a fan of this show. I even took Nana to Everett last year to see the tour. Did you catch that? I went to Everett for this show!! I think that speaks for itself.

But really? Seriously?! Since when have we interpreted “dance for your life” as “turn in a bunch of circles snapping your fingers and try to incorporate about 8 trillion random leaps”? At least Comfort brings it every time she has to “dance for her life.” And speaking of, as far as I can tell, when the dancers fail their solo, not one has been put to death! I’m not necessarily complaining, but false advertising, anyone?

And, while I’m not a huge fan of Cat Deeley, I don’t really have anything against her. With that said, can she please learn how to say “girl” correctly? How many times must we hear about “One Guy and One GULL” being eliminated? Really, Cat? Are water foul really participating?

And dear God, STOP HAVING THE PRE-TEENS IN THE AUDIENCE YELL “JUDGES”!!! I’d rather hear you talk about “gulls” all night that hear you pronounce “jew-gez” and then giggle after the thoroughly rehearsed audience says it with you. I would buy each 13-year-old in the audience a new Walkman or Hypercolor shirt or whatever the hell kids like these days just to have them react with complete silence the next time Cat plays Simon Says with them.

Ding! Dong! Ding!
Yep, those are wedding bells you’re hearing! My work season has officially begun tonight with the first wedding rehearsal of the summer! Things went super well – I’m always shocked when everyone shows up relatively on time.

Tomorrow is a full day of wedding and I think this one will be really great. The bride and groom have always been so easy-going and organized so I can’t imagine anything will go astray (excuse me a second while I go find some wood to knock on in my laminate-covered apartment).

Oh yeah. Did I mention that tomorrow is supposed to be in the mid-80′s, maybe even mid-90′s inland? While some of you enjoy sitting in your air-conditioned house or even in the shade somewhere, please take a minute to think of yours truly dressed to the nines and running around like a headless chicken in the bright sun for 8 hours…

Song title: Where Did You Go? by Boyzone

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