What I’ve Done

11 Dec

I did shit

I started my new book online. I’m going to call it “Don’t Be A Fucking Dumbass: Buy My Book.” Live and Learn

Advice columns are hard, yo. Especially when you try to write one without the word “cuntbag” in it. Advice FAIL. Bad Advice

Oh, Billy Mays. Where were you when this infomercial was made? Oh yeah, I guess you were dead. My bad. Ms. New Booty

Not only shy, homely chicks from Forks can get knocked up by vampires. I’m living proof. Soon-to-be living undead proof. Sunlight Theory

Even chocolate-coated chocolate filled with chocolate isn’t appetizing right now. I’m pretty sure that is a sign of the End of Days. Alien Food

I created this kick ass post for Fridays. Behold it and all its glory. What I’ve Done

Song title: What I’ve Done by Linkin Park

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