Tip Jar

13 May

There are few things I hate as much as someone being disrespectful to wait staff. Or, let’s be honest, I just don’t understand people who don’t ¬†approach the world and strangers with a smile.

Today I’m heading out on an impromptu trip to Washington DC so I found myself sitting at an airport restaurant with a couple hours to spare. Given that it was lunchtime, the place was packed. I immediately felt sympathy for my waitress who had to bus my table while I was sitting at it because you had to snag your table as soon as the previous guest’s ass saw daylight.

Fast forward through lunch, my waitress wasn’t anything to write home about but was fairly pleasant and had a smile on her face. However, a couple of jack off’s sitting next to me had a different opinion of her. After stopping her to wipe down the table (even though she was obvious busy with 8 million things in the air at once), Mr. and Mrs. McDoucherson not only give her attitude about “oh was I not supposed to ask you to do that?” ¬†But they also snag another waitress, convince that waitress to serve their table and discuss at length why they think this waitress is the worst waitress they had ever encountered in their entire life. They also discussed amongst themselves how she would be getting a single dollar for a tip and that would show her!

Because a verbal assault about manners would probably be unwise, this was the best thing I could think to do at the time…



I hope that at the very least, it put a smile on her face!


Song title: Tip Jar by Frankie Ballard

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