Those Sweet Words

14 Jun

A few weeks ago, I celebrated my *cough* thirty-first *cough* birthday with my friends and family.

You see, when my family celebrates any occasion, a lot of pride and thought goes in to the type of card you will be receiving. My mom and Sissy subscribe to the thoughtful card-giving school, complete with flowers, butterflies and meaningful prose for the recipient.

My dad and I, on the other hand, prefer cards with a bit more humor. Basically, the more fart jokes and Farside cartoons, the better.

So when I opened presents with my family, it was instantly clear who had picked out my card from my folks. It was full of beautiful and, honestly, really touching words:

I love the spirit of you…
The grace with which
You welcome each challenge,
The childlike wonder that still color
your days.

I love the originality of you…
Your willingness
To stand out from the crowd…
Your unique perspective
On what’s happening in the world
And in your life…

Etc., etc.

I won’t lie. I was getting a little emotional reading it.

I’ll blame it on the pregnancy hormones.

As I finished reading it, choking back my emotions caused by the sweet words (“I guess it‘s pretty clear…I love everything about you. And on your birthday, I‘m wishing joy and blessings to you, my beautiful daughter and friend.“), I read the inscription left by my father:

“All these sentiments are true about you ~
But I would‘ve chosen another card.
Love, Dad”

Well played, Dad. Well played.

Song title: Those Sweet Words by Norah Jones

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