The Shoes You’re Wearing

22 May

If you must know, I am not a fan of taking off your shoes at other people’s houses. Especially at the house of someone you are not very close with. If you are my BFF or family, I could give a rat’s ass if you see my janky snaggle feet.

So imagine my surprise when I received this invitation:


Has it come to this?! Hosts can actually dictate what kind of shoes guests can wear now?!

Please discuss.

Side note: all guests to the Bee Haus shall now be required to wear wooden Dutch shoes.


I’m pretty sure you can find them on

Song title: The Shoes You’re Wearing by Clint Black

2 Responses to “The Shoes You’re Wearing”

  1. Sissy2be May 22, 2012 at 2:45 pm #

    I COMPLETELY agree. I hate when I go to other people houses and am required to take shoes off. I get wanting to keep the floors clean, but to ask it of a guest is too much.

  2. Keegan May 22, 2012 at 3:00 pm #

    Apparently it has come down to this. :-) But you could swing through this on the loop-hole that high heels has been misspelled.

    I live in a no-shoe household, and while we always ask our guests to remove their shoes, we don’t push the issue if they don’t want to remove them. We also provide slippers in many sizes if someone would rather not go unshod. They are the washable spa kind, so no icky foot fungi passing from one guest to another! Basically we’re douchey about shoes, and anal retentive to boot! (get it? boot?) No, seriously, I married someone who grew up that way, so I’m totally throwing him under the bus here, but it’s all his fault when my Aunt comes over and says, “You could have told me! I would have worn nicer socks!”. She really meant it, she’s from old Bellevue. Not the farmland old Bellevue, but the I-bought-my-house-for-$49,000-and-now-it’s-worth-$1.2 million-so-I-must-be-better-than-you kind of old Bellevue. Anyway, tangent, sorry.

    Yeah, it’s a total bitch having to take your shoes off. Wasn’t there an entire Sex In the City episode about this? I hope you don’t step on glass! Yep, totally happened at our house, and we (he) still insists!

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