The Old Bathing Beauty

31 Jan

I don’t want to be a braggart or anything, but you will be totally be jealous of my evening last night. I mean, not everyone gets to enjoy a home-cooked meal (*cough* nachos *cough*) and then enjoy a relaxing bath while being serenaded.

By a three year old.

Did I say jealous? I meant “entertained”.

As was I, by her trio of impromptu songs accompanied by her Little Tikes piano (“Little Tikes piano” being from the Old French “anoier” which roughly translates as “horribly loud and fucking annoying xylophone”.)

Please enjoy her Bee Ballads: (trademark! You’ll see why…)

Song One: “Mommy, I love you to the moon and baaaaack! I love you, Mom!”

Song Two: “Bug, I love you more than the moon and staaaaaars! I love you, Bug!”

Song Three: “Daddy, I love you more than a sheep and a cow and a horse! I love you, Dad!”

So apparently, in Bee’s world, things are ranked as follows:
(in order of importance)
*Farm Animals

Song title: The Old Bathing Beauty by Joel McKneely

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