Recap – SYTYCD

28 Jul

So You Think You Can Dance – Top 8 Dancers Perform
I know it’s way late, but I’m finally getting caught up on my TiVo’d shows. Here is my quick recap/(un)professional reviews of the dancers:

She is obviously the best female hip hop dancer ever on SYTYCD. But as far as everything else, I’m honestly surprised that she outwit and outlasted my girl crush, Kherington. And Nigel is right, she’s way better when she’s choreographed than when she’s just getting her groove on solo.

Dressing up like James Brown? LOVED IT! Was laughing my ass off and totally white-girl dancing around with Baby Bee on this one. Totally loved the slow hip hop routine with Courtney this week and, okay, in general, he is super ridic hot.

Katee is always a surprise! I never expect her to be as fabulous as she is. And, OMG, that Mia Michaels routine? Crazy good! I love that you can just tell how fucked up Mia Michaels is in the head, but somehow it comes out in these beautiful, expressive routines! I don’t know about that second routine, but I don’t think she has any reason to be worried any time soon.

I’m kind of over Mark. He did okay in the hip hop with Comfort but I can’t help but think of Legolas from Lord of the Rings every time I watch him dance. He’s just elf-like, right? Or maybe a Gremlin…

For being what appears to be about 3 feet tall, that girl has legs a mile long! I’m never a fan of the “dance for your life” solos when they do Latin or ballroom….BORING. But she was ridic with Joshua! Even the disco was fun (and I usually consider that the kiss of death dance!)

What a crazy strong dancer! I love a week or so ago when one of the judges commented on how timid and shy he is off stage, but when he dances WATCH OUT! So powerful! I thought his solo was really fun and he rocked it with Chelsie. But seriously, could we put him in pants that don’t hug his ass so tight? Please?!

Love her. Wasn’t blown away by anything this week and still wish that Gev would come back and marry her and have little baby Gevlets, but oh well.

Totally one of my favorites! But getting a little tired of the T/Superman tee shirts. We get it already. Wardrobe! New shirt, please!

My Predictions
I think Mark and Comfort will be voted off.

[Mama Bee watches results show]

Results Show Comments
The opening group dance was great, but does the wardrobe department have some ungodly love for shiny spandex that I’m just noticing? For reals, they’ve been slightly smoking crack this season.

Thank God we have good news on Cat Deeley’s Ugly Dress Contest. Check her out this week:
Holy crap! She looks fantastic! And her hair is to die for with that beautiful gigantor, sparkly thing on the side! Love it!

Okay, back to the results. Seriously, do we A WHOLE HOUR to read off results for eight people? Thank the TiVo Gods for Fast Forward (or “bloop bloop” as we call it in the Bee Household).

Safe. Duh.

Bottom 2?! What?!

Bottom 2. Dur.

Safe?! SERIOUSLY?! Even he was surprised!
(Remember, don’t feed him after midnight…)

Safe. Did you see Courtney’s face? Obviously she was thrilled.

Bottom 2?! Holy crap balls. OMG, um, him crying on Cat’s shoulder was probably the cutest thing I’ve seen all season!

Obviously not bottom 2. Not really sure why they announced results the way they did.

Again, obviously she knew she was one of the bottom 2. But I can’t imagine she will go before Comfort. I mean, COME ON.

Okay, I’m way to bored with this already so I’m bloop blooping through the ballet and solos STAT. And, WTF. LL COOL J?!

#1: Stupid Mic Stand much?
#2: I now have proof that time travel exists since I was just transported back to 1990.
#3: Seriously. Stop it, Fox. I can’t handle watching really shitty back up dancers in daisy duke shorts and tied-up tee shirts try to dance on a DANCE COMPETITION SHOW!!

Okay, bloop bloop. I can’t handle this shit.

::drum roll please::

Comfort goes Bye Bye
Thank GOD Courtney didn’t get voted off! Although it might be her week this week if she doesn’t bring it.

So long Will
Meow meow. Geez, he’s hot. AND talented. I predict this week that Mark will be voted off the island. Hopefully he doesn’t get wet and start popping multiple little Marks out of his head…

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  1. LPDraper July 28, 2008 at 2:02 pm #

    First I must say…. this is my

    Okay, Will was so crazy good… but I kinda think someone in producer-land wanted Debbie Allen to be back on the show. Hmmmm….?

    This week should be Mark– can’t really deal with his pinky fingers.

  2. Melisa@andbabywillmake4 July 28, 2008 at 5:53 pm #

    Wah, I don’t watch this show! Boo.

  3. SBC July 28, 2008 at 7:42 pm #

    Love the commentary, so I’ll comment! LOL! I really seriously considered boycotting after they booted Will. Didn’t care enough to actually vote, but hey. I miss his loin cloth. I love me some Mia Michaels too!

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