Recap – SYTYCD

7 Aug

So You Think You Can Dance – SEASON FINALE!!!!
Okay, so first of all, where is that red head dancer that I never liked? Why was Will announced solo?! Drama!!!

Since I’m watching the episode right now on TiVo, this commentary will be my stream of consciousness. I apologize in advance.

* Don’t say it…don’t say it…GOD, Why does Cat insist on having everyone scream “JEWJEEZZ!!”? Ugh.

* Why, oh, why, did America vote off Will? Yum.

* Cat’s hair is so gorgeous. I hate her in so many ways.

* Kherington is so cute.

* OMG, the Jonas Brothers are going to be on the show? How lame.

* Okay. Lots of the dances we’ve seen before. Yaaaawn.

* HOLY CRAP! DID YOU SEE MARY MURPHY DANCE WITH DEMITRI?!?! Is she a friggin’ Amazon?! She looks like she’s about 7 feet tall! And, although I reserve the right to deny I ever said this, what a pair of legs on her! I only hope that I have legs like that when I’m 185 years old like her.


Okay they are finally weeding contestants out…

Wowzas! Really? Courtney?! I mean, I guess somebody had to go…And what a great attitude she has about the whole competition! I {heart} her. Not as much as Kherington, of course, but I {heart} her none-the-less.


* I still can’t decide whether or not to buy tickets to the SYTYCD Tour. I think Nana, Sissy, and I would have fun, but I just don’t know if I want to spend the money on it. Hrumphf.

* Is it sacrilege to “bloop bloop” through dance routines while watching SYTYCD?

* OMG, WTF is this rabbit thing? Nightmares! NIGHTMARES!! BLOOP BLOOP!!! FASTER!!!!

* Even in double-time, that was the creepiest thing I’ve seen since this.


Oooh, more eliminations! The next person voted off the island is…

HOLY CRAP BALLS?! KATEE!?! Joshua is so gonna win this thing. I will be floored if he doesn’t. DUDE! $50k! What a great surprise for her! I would poo myself if someone surprised me with something like that.


* Little kids dancing creeps me out.

* Nigel dancing creeps me out more.

* I seriously love watching Twitch and Katee make out during the Mia Michaels performance. I even blooped back to watch it again. The whole routine gives me goosebumps. (Side note: I hate when people say “goose pimples”. Yuck.)

* I know I said it earlier, but the Jonas Brothers, really? I mean Niece would be/probably is SO excited, but Mama Bee is working out her Fast Forward feature of TiVo tonight…

* Geesh, Twitch and Kherington dance so beautifully together. Even to Celine. All I can think about is Twitch’s sweet words about Kherington on last night’s episode. I want them to get married and have bebies.

* I really hope Joshua wins. He’s such a strong and powerful dancer.

* Is it me or does it look like all those past contestants from Seasons 1-3 totally gained weight since they were on the show? I mean, it only makes sense and I certainly am not one to talk. Just an observation!

* Okay the big reunion, best-of, dance is giving me super chills. It reminds me of last year’s tour. I am so in tv-love with last year’s contestants! Especially Hok, even though I’m pretty sure he’s so tiny, I could fit him in my pocket.


And the winner is…


Yay! He totally deserves it! SUPER YAY! What an adorable teddy bear!

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