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7 Aug

So You Think You Can Dance – The final four contestants perform
Well, the Season Finale is recording on TiVo right now, but last night was the two hour Part One of the Season Finale. I can only imagine that Part Two will be roughly eighteen hours long. And, of course, we won’t find out the winner until the last 30 seconds of the episode, which my TiVo will promptly cut off right before the winner is announced. But I digress…

Courtney’s mini interview and solo were first and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house when the judges were giving their comments on her performances and growth throughout the season. I completely agree that she isn’t the strongest or best dancer, but she definitely wins the Most Improved category hands down. And I think she’ll kick some serious dancing ass once she gets a bit more training under her belt.

Next was the Wade Robson routine with Katee and Joshua. It was sooo captivating! I could not keep my eyes off of Katee the whole routine! The music was beautiful and for once the cameras didn’t jump around all retarded. The single, rotating camera shot was exactly what these dances demand! We don’t need fancy angles and weird close ups. Just a simple shot of the whole dance so that we don’t miss someone doing a cool move off to the side right when the cameraman decides to do a close up!

Any who, next was the prop-filled Katee and Courtney Broadway routine. First of all, those outfits were adorable! Obviously not an everyday outfit, but cute none-the-less! I really liked to see the girls dance side-by-side. It’s hard to compare the two, but I was surprised to find myself liking Courtney more than Katee. I’ve always been a Katee fan, but Courtney really gets in to character. Nigel was wow’d by Katee’s performance saying that she finished her movements just a bit more than Courtney, but I don’t agree. I felt like Courtney’s movements were sharper and she had more energy than Katee on this one.

Didn’t Twitch look like a little baby in his L.A. audition?! And to hear him talk so sweetly about Kherington…I feel like I missed that chemistry that they obviously had behind the scenes. Maybe they’ll have some little baby Twitchingtons in a few years! haha! Twitch’s solo was very “Twitch”-ey and I super loved that he wasn’t a caricature of himself – with a silly tee shirt and fake glasses. He was himself; just Twitch.

The behind-the-scenes with Joshua and Twitch were hysterical! Who knew they had such a competition going on behind the scenes of the, well, competition! Um, holy crap balls. People shouldn’t be able to jump as high as Joshua can. That boy is ridic. The whole Nutcracker/Russian routine was great! But sorry, Twitch, I think Joshua kicked your ass.

As much I like Katee, I’m starting to realize that she really doesn’t have the personality that the other three do. She’s a spectacular dancer, but it seems like she’s losing personality as the competition goes on.

Katee and Twitch had a great dance together. It looked like there was a little bit of struggling going on, especially at the end, but it really is amazing how versatile these dancers are!

Geez, Joshua is so much fun to watch! I think I’m rooting for him to win tonight!

I’ve been waiting for the pairing of Courtney and Joshua!! I think this is going to be GOOD!

::Mama Bee watches the routine::

Dear god, what did the Courtney do to the wardrobe department to deserve a one-piece bathing suit with fringe paired with some ugly boot-sneaker hybrid? She was so *clomp* *clomp* *clomp* across the stage all flat-footed. Yuck. Obviously, they danced their collective asses off, but yikes, it was very underwhelming.

The final Mia Michaels routine was…well…weird. So much plaid. I obviously missed something with this one. I just didn’t get it.

Well, what do you think folks? I’m thinking Joshua will win it this year. Now on to watching Part Two of the Season Finale. I predict a whole lot of “blooping” through the two…long…hours…

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