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31 Jul

The Six Final Dancers Perform
The good news is: Cat Deeley may be taking a break from her Ugly Dress Contest.

The bad news is: Apparently she’s started an Ugly Shoe Contest instead. Seriously, did you see those shoes? It looked like she attached a Popple to the heel of them. That or a shower puff.

And speaking of clothing choices, why does Mary Murphy always look liked she’s an attention-seeking Mother of the Bride. And someone had way to much fun with the Bedazzler on last night’s dress. Someone also needs to tell Murphy that pretty much the worst thing you could do to over-tanned, stretch-marked old-lady skin is to cover it is shiny gold glitter lotion. Gross, lady, just gross.

Since I’m on the topic of Mary Murphy, I’ve discovered something about her commentary. Have you noticed that she actually sounds and acts like a normal person/judge when she is critiquing ballroom dances. You can actually hear what she’s saying and dogs in the neighborhood aren’t freaking out. And then she has to critique hip hop or contemporary. Then she starts screaming like a banshee. I’m completely convinced that Murphy hides her lack of expertise for other dance styles behind screeching like a crazy person.

Oh, wait. Didn’t some people dance or something on the show last night? Okay, let’s talk about them…

Mark & Courtney
WATLZ: Their first dance was the Viennese Waltz and it was simply gorgeous. If you remember, I’m not a huge fan of Mark, but they just made that dance seem so effortless.

JAZZ: I {heart} Sonya Tayek. Any chick that dances/choreographs jazz while rocking a mohawk is radtastic. But what makes her routines jazz and not contemporary? The random jazz hands and spirit fingers? Eh, whatever. It still was pretty awesome. I liked it.

COURTNEY SOLO: Cool shirt. Cool song. “Eh” performance.

MARK SOLO: What was he wearing? And was he just doing an impression of a bird for 90 seconds? And omg, I hate his “interpretive thing” he does during Cat’s explanation of voting. Arg. Funny maybe the first time but not the 8 billion times since.

Katee & Joshua
CONTEMPORARY: I loved the comment about Katee + Joshua + Tyce = the holy trinity of SYTYCD! Hilarious! I think hands down Katee and Joshua are the strongest and most talented dancers on the show. And I think the judges know it too. Now hopefully America will vote appropriately (but I can’t complain too much since I haven’t voted yet this season).

PASA DOBLE: Um, since when are matador capes made out of Laura Ashely fabric? I think even wardrobe realized that this Pasa Doble was not choreographed awesomely. I really like Pasa Dobles when you really feel like the dude is throwing around the chick like she really is a cape. Didn’t get that at all with this dance. But I don’t think it was Katee or Joshua’s fault, just the choreography.

KATEE SOLO: Yeah, I’m pretty sure she’s going to win this season.

JOSHUA SOLO: What? WHAT?! Awesome. Rad. Kick Ass. Totally loved it.

Twitch & Chelsie
MAMBO: “2, 3, 4…6, 7, 8…What happened to 1 and 5?!” LMAO. Chelsie outfit was HAWT. Much prettier than Knight Rider’s red outfit! And those shoes! Yowzas! Loved them! But could we maybe invest $5 in the wardrobe department so they can buy some super glue? I mean, the poor girls outfit was falling apart! Even one of those cute bows on her shoes got kicked off! Step it up, Wardrobe! Geesh.

HIP HOP: I totally love Tabitha and Napoleon. I love them even more when they are judges and sit practically in each other’s laps and finish each other’s sentences. So friggin’ cute! Anywho, they bring a really fun style to SYTYCD this season! As for the dancing, I thought Twitch and Chelsie performed okay and pulled off the characters well.

CHELSIE SOLO: Man, I wish I could move my body/hips like her!

TWITCH SOLO: Just as I was going to vomit in my mouth a little from his “character”, the boy worked it out!! And he was wearing a new tee shirt this week so props to the wardrobe department. Lastly, Cat Deeley with the fake grill in her mouth almost made me pee myself with laughter.

Best Dance of the Episode:The Viennese Waltz
Worst Dance of the Episode:The Pasa Doble

Best Female Dancer:Katee
Worst Female Dancer:Courtney

Best Male Dancer:Joshua
Worst Male Dancer:Mark

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  1. LPDraper July 31, 2008 at 8:57 am #

    I agree with all of your comments.

    Especially the Cat Deeley shoe comment, and the fact that I too, had to run to the potty when she put that thing in her mouth.

    Katee is incredible… and while I have said all along that a guy is going to win this year, I kinda think she might steal it. She deserves it too.

    Going to the tour this year??

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