Recap – Burn Notice, SYTYCD, Life on the D List

1 Aug

Burn Notice – Comrades
Do you watch Burn Notice? I LOVE it! It’s a fun show that has enough fighting and spy junk in it that I can even convince Mr. Bee to sit down and watch it with me (which is a rare occurrence since Mr. Bee thinks TV is the Devil. With my ever growing list of 60+ shows I watch, who can blame him?). And seriously, could Bruce Campbell be any funnier? No, sir, he could not.

SYTYCD – Two dancers are eliminated
To tour or not to tour? That is the question with SYTYCD tour tickets going on sale Saturday! I’m guessing Alicia and Lindsay will be first in line?

And can you believe that the finale is next week?! I’m really in to SYTYCD now that it’s down to the really good dancers. I was getting a little bored watching the not-so-fantastic contestants but now it’s nail-biting drama as someone has to be booted off the show! Meow meow.

OPENING DANCE Those were such cute white dresses the girls had one! I thought the Mandy Moore routine was beautiful but I was kind of confused by the choreography. Anybody else notice that the girls weren’t always together with their movements? Was that intentional? I couldn’t tell. But geez, those lifts were super cool!

CAT Super beautiful Disco Barbie much? Man, she looked gorgeous. JEALOUS!

Okay, again, did this episode really need to be an hour long? I felt like I was witnessing a high school graduation with all the “you’re so grown up now” speeches by the judges. Don’t get me wrong, I thought that they were very touching. Especially the “don’t shat on your fans” speech.

SIDE NOTE: MARY MURPHY What the hell was she wearing around her neck? A choke chain?! Somewhat fitting actually…

Here are my brief notes on the individual solos:
Courtney: Pretty dancing but she keeps me wanting more from her (not in a good way)
Mark: Go home already. Me no likey. And really? Suspenders? Gross.
Katee: Loved it. Keeps me wanting more in a good way.
Joshua: Super loved it! I could watch dancers like him “pop” for hours. But please, Josh, cut your ponytail off already. Bleck.
Chelsie: Crazy good footwork but a couple of times she just seemed off.
Twitch: Totally fun, but left me waiting for some kick ass move that never came. Loved his sunglasses shirt (surprisingly).

- Uh, six year old break dancers are way too cute for words.
- Who the hell was that Lady Gaga chick? Seriously. WTF. And what was she wearing?! A french cut leotard with crazy ugly shoes and a coat. Bloop Bloop.

And the dancers leaving us were (drum roll please)…

Chelsie & Mark. I feel bad for Chelsie because I think “we” (as the collective SYTYCD fan nation) didn’t get to see her personality as much as with Katee and Courtney. What a fantastic dancer she is, though. Mad skills. As for Mark, meow meow.

Kathy Griffin: My List on the D-List – For Your Grammy Consideration
Um, is there anyone in the world funnier than Kathy Griffin? Even Mr. Bee watched this episode with me and we were both cracking up. Her photo shoot was hysterical and I totally want a copy of one of those billboards. “She’s got enough balls, just not enough awards.”

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  1. Alicia August 1, 2008 at 7:40 pm #

    We’ll be online at 10 am tomorrow morning!

  2. LPDraper August 1, 2008 at 8:16 pm #

    Woo Hoo! You gonna go this year? At least we don’t have to drive to Everett this time! :)

  3. ro August 6, 2008 at 6:52 am #

    I gave up on SYTYCD. The two-hour shows just became too much. I am, however, watching Burn Notice (I think Jeffrey Donovan is sooo cute!) and Kathy Griffin. And Mad Men is back….yay!!!

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