Rainbow Connection

3 Jun

A few weekends ago, Bee’s Nana and Poppa (my parents) had the opportunity to take Bee and two of her cousins to a VIP early viewing of a new exhibit at the Experience Music Project (EMP). Besides having to get Bee up to Seattle by 9am that morning, and then spending the rest of the day scrambling to find bathrooms, it was a really great day! /end sarcasm.

I actually got to spend the day eating crepes and shopping with Sissy and Duder (and my littlest nephew), so it actually was a pretty fun day!

But it all did start by meeting my folks at the EMP in downtown Seattle at a god forsaken time. (Come on, people. Bee doesn’t even wake up until 8 or 9 in the morning – I know, boo hoo me, right?) If you aren’t from Seattle, you may not be familiar with the EMP. If that’s the case, if you are visiting or see some photos of the Seattle skyline, it’s the building under the Space Needle. To be honest, it looks like the Space Needle ate a box of crayons and then took a dump. It’s that pretty.

Thank goodness the Space Needle doesn't have diarrhea...

The newest exhibition at the EMP is all about Jim Henson! Oh, how I love Jim Henson.


The kids got to see Bert & Ernie (with Rubber Duckie, of course!) and even the sprite from Dark Crystal (that movie gives me the creeps just *thinking* about it!).

But it wasn’t until Bee came home with her very own (and first) sock puppet that I really remembered the magic (and comedy) that was The Muppet Show. I mean, Bee just LOVES her sock puppet (whose Christian name is Waffles but was quickly changed to Polka Dot for reasons he won’t divulge).

Pooh-kah Dooooooot!

Also, just in case you care (because I know you do), Polka Dot is not pronounced who you would assume. The correct pronunciation (as deemed by Bee, of course) is “Pooh-kah Dot”.

Inspired by Pooh-kah Dot’s addition to the family, I went on YouTube this last week to find some good old school Kermit the Frog for Bee’s entertainment.

And, boy, did I create a monster!

All it took was one viewing of The Rainbow Connection opening of The Muppet Movie and now all I hear about is “Froggie! Guitar!”

I love that Bee loves the Muppets already as much as I did as a child. I still remember crying when I heard the news that Jim Henson had passed away. I was eleven years old and cried like a baby.

Watching the few clips that are available on YouTube also made me realize that we need to buy a Best of the Muppet Show post haste. And stat and whatnot.

Here’s one of my favorite clips starring my super absolute favorite characters: Fozzie Bear and Rowlph the Dog. Enjoy!

Song title: Rainbow Connection by Kenny Loggins

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  1. Mrs. J June 9, 2009 at 9:51 am #

    You’re really going to post that picture without mentioning how totally rad Mr. Bee’s fluorescent orange shirt is? I suppose that is a subject for another post. ;)

  2. Mama Bee June 9, 2009 at 10:18 am #

    LOL! It’s one of his many “construction” shirts. Most have the company name on them, but one even has these horrid reflective strips on it. You know, just in case he needs a safety shirt for his desk job. Maybe to signal to the staplers and calculators to watch out?

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