Perfect Fit

26 May

One characteristic that Mr. Bee and I share is our complete lack of patience, especially if it has to do with gift giving. It’s very likely that I will get shaken awake at midnight on Christmas Eve/Christmas morning to open presents (since it’s technically Christmas). Whenever we give each other birthday presents, I think we both attempt to wait until the other person’s birthday, but our excitement at giving gifts always get the best of us and we always force the person to open the present early. Okay, maybe force is a little strong. Neither of us ever need much convincing before we rip in to that sparkly wrapping paper!

With my birthday only a few days away, Mr. Bee couldn’t contain himself and gave me the opportunity to open my present early! Even more impressive is the thought and effort he went in to getting it for me (apparently he went out at the crack of dawn this morning to The Store That Shall Not Be Named and scored my gift straight off of the inventory cart (it hadn’t even gotten to the shelf yet before he started harassing workers for it!).

My hubbie is AWESOME! I wanted one of these so badly! Now my weight check-ins might actually have something other than “None” in the “Exercise” category!

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