Minor Threat

5 Dec

So yesterday I got way too caught up in a debate online. The discussion quickly spiraled from a conversation about an anti-theist sign at our state capitol building into a heated debate on the validity of organized religion.

In case you hadn’t previously noticed, I kinda sorta like expressing what I think about that (and, well, everything else).

Obviously, I was a big contributor to the debate and while I’m sure my opinions offend a lot of people simply because I am not religious, I tried my damnest to be respectful to the other people on the forum. Well, except for one guy whose main argument was that anyone who doesn’t think like him is ignorant. But, you know, whatever.

But then I get reply to one of my posts that stands out just a bit.

You know, ’cause it’s kind of threatening my life.

I won’t go in to too many details just in case this fruitcake decides to Google his hateful words but it generally said something along the lines of slitting my throat, death to my family and that I must be a big fat pig. Oh, and a “biatch”. Cuz nothing is more threatening than sounding like a 13-year-old girl. Really, crazy fruit loop? “Biatch”? You kiss your mom with that mouth?

Any who, the comment got axed by the powers that be and I don’t think any one on the forum even saw it but me. Mr. Bee is freaked out, but I kind of knew he’d be and thought twice about even telling him about it.

While I am looking over my shoulder a bit more this morning, I told the Mister that crap like that is the price you pay for speaking up for what you believe in. Or, ironically, what you don’t believe in, as the case may be. Hopefully Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs really is an overweight, D&D playing, religious zealot who had to stop watching Babylon 5 long enough to post his hateful words, but just in case he follows through, this is definitely the headstone I want:

Song title: Minor Threat by Minor Threat

2 Responses to “Minor Threat”

  1. Rachael December 6, 2008 at 5:01 pm #

    What is wrong with people? I don’t get why people can’t respect other’s beliefs and still get along.

  2. Gina @ Six in the Country December 8, 2008 at 2:26 pm #

    *Shakes her head* Don’t people know when they are just being stupid?!?

    Your epitaph is great, btw — there are not enough of those these days!

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