Favorite Things

6 Jul

I love things.

But not just things.

I love things that hold other things.

Sometimes even things that hold other things that hold other things.

This is, well, one of those things.

Mother’s Helper Pill Box – $12-15 (depending on store)

Please note the “Better living through chemistry” which will soon be a rotating headline in my banner!

So basically this is a case that holds pills which hold my happiness. If it had it’s own carrying case, I might actually have a seizure.

DISCLAIMER: No one, anywhere, from any business, has any idea who the fuck I am. I certainly am not being paid a goddamn cent for my reviews and/or suggestions. If pigs begin to fly and someone does decide to pay me for anything, you will be the first to know.

Song title: Favorite Things by Connie Talbot

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