Do You Know Who I Am

12 Oct

Something has been happening lately that has been creeping me out just a bit.

Clowns?” you ask.

No. Not as creepy as clowns.

I’ve realized that pretty much everyone that I have ever met in my life knows each other somehow.

It started with Mr. Bee. When we first met, I was dating NerdBoy. Mr. Bee was dating Chick. It wasn’t until Mr. Bee started dating Chick that Nerdboy and Chick realized that they were cousins! What?! Yeah! Like long lost cousins that had always heard about each other but had never met.

Then, a few years ago, I found out that one of my BFFs (who I met years out of college) went to the rival high school. Not only had we probably been in the same place once or twice but she also knew one of my best friends from college (they went to the same high school!)

Oh, and one of Mr. Bee’s cousins is dating a girl I went to high school with.

And ANOTHER friend (who I met a few years ago) is friends with a girl at work who is dating one of my high school boyfriends. So at my friend’s wedding rehearsal, when she happened upon SuperDoucheExBoyfriend (who was a server at her wedding venue), they started chatting it up while I was all “WTF! How do you know each other?!”

THEN, this weekend I had yet another wedding (I’ve got some ooey gooey awesome stories to be shared at a later date regarding this event!). I’ve been working with this bride and her mom for months and it’s not until I slightly recognize one of her bridesmaids at her rehearsal that THEY realize that we all went to high school together. So her wedding reception was practically a who’s who of teachers, students, and parents of students who I went to school with for years decades.

Oh, and here’s the topper:
A few months ago, I got an invitation to be “friends” with someone on Facebook. I didn’t really know who the person was but figured that I’d had probably met them at an event or maybe they were a local wedding vendor/colleague. I later met this lady at a local mom’s group. THEN, while totally Facebook stalking old friends of mine, I found out that this particular girl is friends with the older sister of my high school BFF who after graduation disappeared from the face of the planet! So random mom group/Facebook lady is friends with high school BFF’s sister?!

It is totally blowing my mind that practically everyone I meet is somehow already connected to my life! Coincidence? I don’t know. But I’m starting to think that everyone is 6 degrees of separation from Mama Bee!

Updated to Add: Okay, this is getting fucking crazy. Yesterday I added Luke Burbank (the host of TBTL - the coolest radio show evar) to my Facebook friends. Oh yeah, I’m that cool. Anywho, so I’m perusing Luke’s Facebook page and who do I see added him as a friend just a few days ago. The same ex-BFF’s older sister as above!!! WTF!! This is seriously creeping me the fuck out, dudes!!

Song title: Do You Know Who I Am by Elvis Presley

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  1. AndBabyWillMake4 October 13, 2008 at 6:39 pm #

    Could someone actualy prestalk you?

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