Crazy for You

6 Apr

You know what makes life a lot easier?

Being literate. Which, apparently, I am not.

A few weeks ago, I went to my crazy nurse (she’s actually quite sane, she is just my crazy pill dealer) and spoke to her regarding my feelings as of late. Really, I was there to beg and plead for Wellbutrin, which is an anti-depressant, but also is supposed to help you lose weight and get back that loving feeling, if you catch my drift. (Sorry, Dad)

After speaking with my crazy town nurse, she gave me a prescription. I thought (key word) that she was prescribing buspirone, which is Buspar, an anti-anxiety medication which is commonly prescribed with Wellbutrin.

Since I’m already taking Lexapro (hence, the weight gain), which is an anti-anxiety/anti-public sharting medication, this made absolutely NO sense to me. Did my crazy town nurse hate me? Was I not convincing enough at our appointment? And worse, was I going to gain more weight and keep eating everything in my house/neighborhood/the world??

Because she wanted me to be completely finished weaning Bug before starting the new medication, the script lived safely tucked away in my wallet, never to see the light of day until last week.

It was then that I read the script.


And then, I won’t lie, I googled the shit out of “bupropion”.


My crazy town nurse doesn’t hate me after all!! I guess I’m just totally illiterate.

But, come on, can you really blame me?

Buspirone? Bupropion?

It’s like the pharmacist is trying to fuck with me.

Hence, the crazy pills.

Song title: Crazy For You by Madonna

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