Christmas Time Is Here

23 Dec

Snowflakes in the air…
Uh, what the hell is up with the weather this year! I’m not complaining (although I’d happily give one of my ovaries for a piping hot tall soy pumpkin spice Starbucks latte right now. Sigh). Here is our week here is Washington: (the photos are much more impressive if you click on them!)

The Backyard



The Front Yard

After (Current)

As cabin-fever-insanity-inducing as this weather is, you can’t help but get in to the Christmas spirit with all this great snow around. Of course, it would help if I wasn’t totally freaking out that UPS and/or FedEx still haven’t delivered the rest of the family’s presents. Oh, and I kind of forgot about a few things that I need to buy. heh. heh. Yeah, that’s gonna suck this afternoon. Wish me luck.

I’m guessing this will be my last post for a few days as, well, I’ve got way too much shit to do. And, while I beg to differ, I’m guessing the “sorry I had to blog” excuse will not suffice if I come empty-handed to Christmas dinner(s), don’t get my shopping done, and/or fail to pick up Mr. Bee from a medical procedure today.

And yes, all those topics DO deserve posts of their own. Soon, my little ones, I promise! In the meantime:


Song title: Christmas Time Is Here by A Charlie Brown Christmas Soundtrack

2 Responses to “Christmas Time Is Here”

  1. Rachael December 24, 2008 at 12:06 am #

    Merry Christmas to you! We live up in Bellingham and it is crazy – I can’t believe the amount of snow we’ve gotten!! Hope you’re staying warm!

  2. Kristen December 27, 2008 at 7:57 am #

    Oh yea, its beautiful but I would like to get my mail. We haven’t gotten it in over a week and when Glenn went to the post office yesterday they gave him 4 things. Yea, I’m sure that’s all the mail we had for a week??!?!

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