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Lazy Days

7 Jan

Phew! I’m exhausted.
I think I’ve recently pushed laziness to a whole new level.

Yesterday, I not only had my dry cleaning picked up by a delivery service, but I also had my groceries delivered to my front door.

Totally awesome.

First, let me tell you how cool this dry cleaning service is. It’s 1-800-Dry-Clean and not only do they have comparable prices to your run-of-the-mill dry cleaners, they will pick up and drop off your clothes…wait for it… for FREE!! For you muckity mucks (read: not SAHMs) that actually wear dry-clean-required clothing every day, they even have weekly service you can sign up for.

Since my daily wardrobe consists of jeans tracksuits and blouses tee shirts, I think I won’t need another pick up until 2010.

Next, I sat around the house (which is about a 2 minute drive from a grocery store) waiting for my Albertsons grocery delivery. Hop online, punch out your shopping list and you can have your groceries delivered to your house the next day! There is a $12 delivery fee, though. But $12 is a small price to pay to avoid what is sure to be a catastrophic temper tantrum from me Baby Bee the minute we step in to, well, any public place.

The only big complaint I have about the groceries is that I requested two crown of broccoli.

And they gave me six.

Seriously, what the fuck am I supposed to do with six crowns of broccoli?! Especially with Mr. Bee out of town with work (normally I could just cook up all six crowns and he’d just sit and munch like a friggin’ bunny on those suckers).

I suppose I could (gasp) eat them…

Nah, I’ll think of some other use for them.

Song title: Lazy Days by 10cc