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(almost) Wordless Weekend

2 May

Who has the most awesome father in the whole wide world?

I do!


Because he found these to give as a gift to Baby Bee.

Candy Smokes. Yum!

That’s right. Candy cigarettes. For his granddaughter.

I’m still laughing my ass off about it!

And I’m SO taking these to Vegas with me…

(almost) Wordless Weekend

19 Apr

Okay, I know this should be entitled (almost) Wordless (almost not) Weekend, but I really wanted to post photos of Baby Bee’s Birthday Hoedown! Luckily, all attendees survived with both limb and mind intact.

Look at those boots!!

Look at those boots!!

Yes, this is the *best* photo. Not a single smile!

Yes, this is the *best* photo. Not a single smile!

(almost) Wordless Weekend

20 Mar

Because I’m lazy (and have a wedding to coordinate tomorrow), here is a photo of Baby Bee from this time last year (her 11 month photo).

Cute or Ridiculously Cute? You decide.

Isn’t she the cutest?! I mean, look at that chub!! Seriously. Cute.

(almost) Wordless Weekend

21 Feb

I know it’s a little past the expiration date, but did I ever tell you guys that I live near The Griswolds?

I would hate living across the street from this guy. But the fact that I live in a different subdivision just makes this pure entertaining to drive by!

Your first glimpse of the house

Your first glimpse of the house

My eyes! Dear God, my eyes!

My eyes! Dear God, my eyes!

(almost) Wordless Weekend

7 Feb

Quite possibly the best (read: worst) photo ever taken of me.

Santabator 2008

Things to Note about said photo:

    1. Sadly, this actually isn’t the worst photo ever taken of me. At least my makeup and hair look pretty good. Shit, I might use this for my Facebook photo from now on…

    2. Mrs. J stealthily hiding behind her glass of vodka with a splash of vodka.

    3. Mrs. J’s husband’s (Mr. J) freakishly large elf ear.

(almost) Wordless Weekend

31 Jan

Our 2008 Christmas Card
Doesn't Santa look PISSED?
And, yeah, our Christmas cards went out like 3 weeks after Christmas this year. I blame it mostly on my lack of ambition Snowpacolypse 2008 which lost the package from Snapfish. Probably would’ve been helpful if we had even remembered we had ordered the cards before January came and went…

(almost) Wordless Weekend

24 Jan

I promise Mr. Bee and I don’t always dress like this.

Just for date night.

(It was really for a surprise 30th birthday party for a close friend. And don’t worry, it *was* 70′s Disco themed.)

(almost) Wordless Weekend

17 Jan

Best Costco Shopping Trip EVAR.

Hells to the yeah.
Two bottles of Champagne, chocolate covered raisins, almost a pound and a half of brie, and gift certificates to Starbucks and Godiva Chocolates.

I’m in heaven. And will gain about 8 trillion pounds this weekend.

Wordless Weekend

10 Jan

Okay, I could never be *completely* wordless. It’s against my nature.

Here is a not so recent photo of Baby Bee to keep you entertained through the weekend.

Fill in the Blank:

Baby Bee is making this face because _______________.

PS: Why do babies always sleep in on the weekends when your husband is around to help, but never on the mornings when you have to taken care of them solo?!

PPS: I get to go to a wedding this evening as a…wait for it…GUEST! Scathing judgmental reviews to come.