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(almost) Wordless Weekend

29 Mar

I’m sorry I’m doing such a shitty blog job this week! I’ve finally feeling better this weekend, so I’ll step things up for next week, I promise.

Here is our (belated) Almost Wordless Weekend…


Please note the birth and death dates for our loving member of our family, who I have recently (as in, for this post) named Joe.

I shit you not, ladies and gentlemen, we picked up this balloon FIVE WEEKS AGO at Trader Joe’s and it has just now finally hit the floor. And who knows how long it was floating in the store before we came along.

So if you’re looking for a new, everlasting toy for your kid, pick up a balloon at Joe’s. I’m pretty sure they are filled not with helium, but with leprechaun farts or something equally as magical.

(almost) Wordless Weekend

14 Feb

Yesterday, Sissy and I (with the childrens) visited Uwajimaya, a huge Asian market that sells selling mainly Asian food—with an emphasis on Japanese—though it also stocks Western staples (which is just weird because seaweed and weird jelly fruit thingies just don’t belong elbow to elbow with Stove Top Stuffing and orange marmalade. It’s just weird to see.)

Here are some awesome products I saw there while perusing the shelves:

8 trillion different types of soy sauce.
Who knew there were so many choices when it comes to soy?

Mmmm….Dried. Black. Fungus.

You read it correctly. Pork. Uteri.
Personally I prefer my uteri fresh, not previously frozen…

I don’t know who Pocari is,
but I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be drinking his sweat…

Seriously, people. Pork UTERI. Excuse a second while I go vomit.

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day y’all. Go kiss somebody or something.

Wordless Wednesday

17 Dec

At this last weekend’s annual Santabator party, I got a gift that will provide me with weeks and weeks of WW fodder:

Say it with sick humor!
That’s right. A whole book of postcards to tell that someone special how you feel. With baby animals to soften the blow, that is. Here are a couple of gems to get us started on our first Wordless Wednesday (even though they technically have words, though…oh well, I try…)

and your sister...
Sorry, but you really don't...