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Fat Bottomed Girls

22 May

Yesterday’s calorie intake: 1615(with a 1580 calorie goal)
Today I will choose to blame my mother for dishing out Costco Carrot Cake at Bunco last night, which apparently has about 8 trillion calories per slice. And I don’t even like it that much! What a waste of calories…**UPDATE** Reviewed MyFitnessPal and realized that I recorded something TWICE! Yay! (I thought I had spent 1755 calories yesterday!)

Yesterday’s exercise: none
You might be noticing a trend here…I honestly did plan on hitting the treadmill yesterday, if only to watch this week’s Bachelorette that is recorded on the downstairs TiVo. But I completely forgot about filling in at the calorie-filled Bunco at my mom’s house. Maybe today will be the day my butt gets off the couch.

Today’s weight: 146

Hungry Like The Wolf

21 May

1580 calories is not a lot.

Stretching your calories tips:
* I cut my hot dog lunch today in half (length-wise) and pretended I was eating two (unfortunately, it wasn’t very convincing)

* I’ve been snacking all day long on a bag of popcorn, which has a surprisingly low caloric cost! It ain’t terribly filling, but at least it’s something.

* I’m trying to drink a lot of water. However, having to pee every five seconds with an antsy almost toddler is insanely difficult.

PS: I’m hungry. PMS + trying to not eat chocolate = torture.

Big Ole Butt

21 May

Yesterday’s calorie intake: 1537 (with a 1580 calorie goal)
Today was a bit easier but I’m still craving two 300+ (each) hot dogs. Constantly. Like, I’d give my right ovary for some right now. But nooooooooo. I had to decide to lose weight. I’m such a dumbass. PS: I’m hungry. All the time. I think it’s just because I went from totally not caring about what I ate or how much to watching every bite. It pretty much sucks monkey balls.

Yesterday’s exercise: none
Yep. No exercise yet. I plan on hitting the treadmill today (and probably enjoying a hot dog or two).

Today’s weight: 146-147ish
I really need to buy a digital scale…

The Weight

20 May

Yesterday’s calorie intake: 1838 (with a 1580 calorie goal) (I thought I was doing good, but realized this morning that I forgot to add a few things…damn you, Reese’s and your tantalizingly good cups)

Yesterday’s exercise: none

Today’s weight: 146

Baby Got Back

19 May

However, I Don’t Like Big Butts
About 6 months ago, I found a website called My Fitness Pal and finally lost about 10 pounds with the wacky combination of watching what I ate and exercise (who knew?). I think the (then) upcoming threat of still having baby weight on at Baby Bee’s First Birthday was enough motivation to get my butt off the couch and on to the treadmill.

But since I lost the baby weight, I haven’t had much motivation to get back on the treadmill. And with all the recent stress of Mr. Bee working all the time and packing up the house to sell, all that bread, cheese and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups just hit the spot.

All that was pre-blog. (I know, can you even remember when there was a time that you didn’t read my inane and random thoughts? Scary, huh?). Now I have people, friends and strangers, to whom I can be held accountable. So today is Day One. The plan is to every day report my weight, calorie intake and exercise regimen. I love Fitness Pal and the Free Dieting Calculators and Calendars.

My Goals
According to the calendar, with a 1-pound per week weight loss, I should be at my goal weight of 130 lbs. by September 8th. A sooner goal would be a five-pound weight loss by June 23rd.

{fingers crossed} Let’s hope this plan actually works and maybe will combat the overwhelming grossness I’ve been feeling lately!