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The Broken Bones

27 Oct

Picture an “S” where my toe should be
So…when I posted last week about my “broken toe,” I can admit that I was being a bit dramatic. Sure, my toe hurt like a sonofabitch when I slammed it in to the ottoman the ottoman attacked me unprovoked, but it was just a bad bruise, right? Well come Friday, my toe was looking retardedly crooked. Of course I break out the first aid kit and decide it is splinting time!

Yeah, that was a bad idea. Even though I just lightly splinted the toe with tape and a tongue depressor, it hurt sooooo bad that I had to take it off like five minutes later. It’s then that I decided to visit an actual doctor (apparently five seasons of Grey’s Anatomy under my belt hasn’t really taught me too much about the actual practice of medicine.)

Bright and early Saturday morning I head in to the local medical clinic to find out my toe actually IS broken. In TWO places. It should heal up within 3 weeks or so and all I can do in the meantime is tape my toes together and hobble like a gimp. Super fun!

Happy Zoo-tacular
Sissy and Family came to the Woodland Park Zoo Pumpkin Prowl with us last night and we had a ton of fun!

Baby Bee (as a chicken) and Mama Bee dancing to MC Hammer’s Can’t Touch This

Does it get any better than that?

Song title: The Broken Bones by Mxpx