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(mobile bloggin’)

22 May

Sad that I consider sitting on the couch across the room from my laptop “mobile blogging.” LOL

No word from dudes’ real estate agent. Don’t know if they have cold feet or just have an agent who has terrible communication skills. Either way, this totally sucks. Tried really hard not to count my chickens or whatever, but who are we kidding? I was mentally packing my bags and planning the layout of the new house!!

BTW, totally random, but while listening to Too Beautiful To Live, realized that I totally love Hall & Oates. Who knew?!

Where Have All The Good Men Gone

17 May

Apparently to the Tukwila/Babies R Us Starbucks. I have to send out good internet kharma and props to the handsome young gentleman that jumped out of his seat to help me open the door as I was leaving Starbucks (with Baby Bee in tow in her stroller). I wish there were more people in the world like you, sir.

For all you non-moms out there: Mom + Baby in stroller + Shopping bags + Difficult to open door = everyone in the world acting like a douche and ignoring your fruitless attempts to enter/exit a building without having a hernia.

Drop It Like It’s Hot

17 May

A month ago it was snowing. Today my car reads 94 degrees on the freeway. Not cool (no pun intended).

Sidenote: I want to sell my house and all, but these unexpected house tours are so not fun. So I'm off running errands to waste 2 hours in the middle of the afternoon. At least my car has A/C.

Bad Day

14 May

Due to Baby Bee pushing me to the brink of insanity today, I think I have to gracefully bow out of tonight's Cheese/Girl's Night festivities. I wish I didn't have to be Audi 500, but I fear that if I don't get Bee down at a reasonable hour, her head might start spinning and spewing split pea soup.


4 May

Every once in a while I get what some people call an “A-ha” moment (and this no way relates to Diablo Winfrey)…

Sometimes I feel like I’ve been set on cruise control. I think others out there understand what I mean. As I travel back to Seattle from my weekend jaunt to Las Vegas, I feel like I stomped on the brakes and deactivated the cruise control.

It’s so easy to whine about drama, pity myself for my killer hangover headache, or grumble about how much work I have to finish in the next 24 hours. But instead something inside me just said, “what?! Get over yourself, lady!” and instead of complaining, a sense of total contentness washes over me. Drama? How about I am so thankful for a great group of girls who have yet to get tired of my cranky bitchiness. Hangover headache? How about I was just lucky enough to hang out where celebs party and enjoyed a uber-VIP weekend in Sin City. And that’s not even talking about my ridiculously amazing husband who never even hesitates in telling me to participate in trips like this. And all the work to do? Yeah, that sucks, but I have such a solid core family who is at the ready to help in any way they can.

It’s these moments when I get a new perspective with an assessment of my life. And, while I know is sickeningly cliché, I want for nothing. After way too much bitching, I think I just need my periodic mental ass-kickings to make me realize what a sweet setup I have and I totally don’t deserve any of it.

Oh yeah, and I’m not drunk as I type this. (But it never hurts to ask…especially with last night’s debauchery).

Day of Recovery

4 May

Head hurts. Last night rocked and I'm totally surprised that I didn't do more drunk blogging! Oh yeah…I think my phone died…was probably a good thing!!

I know this is super interesting

4 May

…but blisters from high heels plus alcohol being dropped on your feet = pain.

Am I seriously still awake at 2:30 am?

4 May

VIP service friggin’ rocks.

Platinum card

3 May

Right now I'm sitting in the super exclusive part of LAX, a nightclub at Luxor. So exclusive that you can't take photos and have to take a special elevator down a level to the club. The cheapest bottle of liquor is $400. The most expensive is a $19,000 bottle of Cognac. Seriously have never even *heard* of most of these liquors.

More later…I'll keep my eyes peeled for Britney or Lindsay…

Taxi from hell

3 May

OMG, our taxi right now is taking backroads to Ceasar’s and driving about 8 million miles per hour. If I die, Mrs. J and Big Sis get all my cool shit.