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So Tired

19 Nov

So tonight (Thursday) I went to this super fun marketing event that was put on by Red Plum (otherwise known as He Who Provides Us With Coupons in the Paper). The only problem? I am cracked out tired right now and just can’t force myself to write anything other than this half-assed post on my iPod. meow meow, right?

But I promise that there are some super cool posts (WITH PHOTOS) coming soon!

Next week we’ll discuss the blogger event where conversations ranged from vaginas to, well, more vaginas and we’ll also discuss New Moon and how there is nothing more full of the Awesome than a life-size cardboard cut-out of Edward Cullen. Because, duh.

Song title: So Tired by Ozzy Osbourne

Blog Fart (Friday) Saturday

23 May

I am so sorry that I haven’t written anything in a few days but, as you will soon see, I have been a little busy with, well, everything. So to get out all my disjointed thoughts, I figured I’d do a little Blog Fart Friday/Saturday for you!

1. Mr. Bee Follow-up

On Wednesday morning, around 1:30 in the morning, Mr. Bee’s nose started bleeding again. Not I-need-a-transfusion-immediately bleeding, but enough to make me shit my pants slightly. We pretty much immediately called a friend to stay at the house with Bee and headed to the local emergency room, where we hung out for about four hours.

Long story short, there is nothing to do but wait for his nose to heal, which will take about a week. In that time, Mr. Bee can’t bend down to tie his shoes, pick up Bee, basically ANYTHING that would cause the blood pressure in his head to rise.

Guess who gets to do E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. and can’t even leave Bee to take a break in case she (meaning Bee, not me – but totally a totally understandable confusion) needs a diaper change? Mr. Bee can’t even put her down for a nap by himself because he’d have to lift her in to the crib (yes, she’s still in a crib – shut up.)

So, yeah. I’ve been a little busy. And…going a little crazy. (Otherwise known as: please disregard the soon-to-be-written whiny-Calgon-take-me-away posts that will be popping up this week.)




Okay, seriously, I can’t remember any of my other blog farts that I was going to write for you. That’s how much of a jumble fuck my mind is right now.

Jesus. Sorry for the asstastic post, friendos.

Now I gotta go lug the lawn mower from the backyard to mow the front yard and take the trash out and start laundry.

Oh, and if you have time, go over to Pearls of Wisdom and tell Pearl that she is lame for wanting to abandon her blog. I mean, not all posts can be web jems like this, but she can always keep trying…

PS: Oh yeah, I remembered one thing. Hopefully I’ll get around to watching Bachelorette season opener this weekend and will record my thoughts for your entertainment. I heard that there is some dude obsessed with feet or something? Stay classy, Bachelorette.