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A Little Bit Longer (You Don’t Even Know)

23 Jul

I have a little something brewing on the back burner that I think will be ready by next week.

I’m VERY excited about this little something.

Here’s a teaser for you until then…


Song title: A Little Bit Longer (You Don’t Even Know) by Jonas Brothers

Oh my god, I used a Jonas Brothers song.

Somebody shoot me.

Sgt. Bean

28 Sep

In the last few days I have discovered a brand new addiction:


Okay, okay, so it’s not a new addiction of mine. But the drink I’m addicted to IS new. The Salted Caramel Signature Hot Chocolate.

Oh. My. God.

It is soooo good! My research tells me that this hot chocolate with caramel isn’t just sprinkled with sea salt, it’s actually “blend of french sea salt and hawaiian cane sugar.” All I know is that it’s a little bit of heaven.

The richness of the hot chocolate, while not as rich as Starbucks very-bad-for-you-but-so-fucking-delicious Drinking Chocolate, is sweet on the tongue but followed up briefly with a twinge of salty, the perfect combination! And, if you’re lucky, you might get a little salt crystal or two through your straw for an extra salty treat.

I love this drink and McDonald’s can suck it if they even think their coffee is half as good as the ‘Bucks!

Song title: Sgt. Bean by Melinda Schneider

I Saw A Man And He Danced With His Wife

20 Aug

A little belated, but super duper Congratulations goes out Brain Twin, who got married this weekend!

Crazy beautiful, right?

If you want to follow her journey as a married lady, check out her blog: YuMarried.

Bamber, please note that I purposefully am holding back on posting the photo of your beau picking his nose right in front of the camera. However, I will hold it as blackmail against him if the occassion arises. LOL!

Song title: I Saw A Man And He Danced With His Wife by Cher

Living In A Fantasy

12 Aug

Per our normal routine, after Baby Bee’s breakfast, we sat down for Sesame Street. Now Sesame Street just started a new season. Yes, Moms all around the world rejoice!!

But that’s not all. I usually lose myself in the computer and internets while Bee watches random Street-ness. However, this morning, something caught my eye.

Hells yes, Sesame Street! HELLS YES!! Needless to say, this episode will not be deleted from our TiVo any time soon. Even dressed up like the Shoe Fairy, he’s still cute!

Author’s Note: Yeah, I know NPH doesn’t play for my team, but I just try to ignore that. He’s way to charming and cute to not have Sesame Street fantasies about him! (Kidding, Mr. Bee!)

Song title: Living In A Fantasy by Artist: Leo Sayer

Piece of Candy

30 Jul

Mmmmm. I love rice candy.

Song title: Piece of Candy by 58

Girls In Their Summer Clothes

29 Jul

Today I went to the new Westfield Shoppingtown Southcenter (aka: The Southcenter Mall) with Sissy, Niece, Baby Nephew, Baby Bee and one of the Sissy’s high school friends and daughter.

It’s so pretty.

The mall just had it’s grand re-opening last weekend and it’s apparently at least the biggest mall in Western Washington. And they’ve added some great new stores! We really blew through the place today but here is a list of the stores that I must visit soon (or else):

Banana Republic
Yes, I’ve been there before, but the closest store used to be all the way up in Seattle! Let’s just say that Mr. Bee will be trying on a lot of clothes this weekend when I force him to go shopping with me!

Bare Escentuals
I love this makeup. I pretty much just use the foundation stuff and haven’t really explored the blush/eye makeup stuff. LOVE it.

I’ve heard mixed reviews about H&M but have never been in before so I can’t be judgy yet. Sigh.

Ju Jubes
This place looks like it will either be super awesomely rad or a huge disappointment. I’m hoping for super killer fashion that makes me feel like I’m wearing expensive clothes, but in actuality only costs me $1.00.

Love Culture
I perused this place briefly today and it pretty much looks like Forever 21, but I think I need to visit again to really make sure. Oh, and what the hell is up with this “XXI forever” new look of Forever 21?! You’re not kidding anybody, people! You can use shiny silver Roman numerals all you want. We still know you have crappy, disposable clothes. (But we secretly love you anyway.)
White House/Black Market
Another store that was only up in Seattle previously. I find this place a little hit and miss but I always give it a chance.

I’ve also found a few new cool shops in…you’ll never guess…ENUMCLAW! For those of you non-Washingtonians, to get to Enumclaw you must drive south to the Boonies, turn left and head towards No Where Fast and you find it on your left just after Where The Fuck Are We-Ville.

One of the Bunco ladies gave me a tip about a little shop called Over The Edge. Sissy and I checked it out on Friday but it was during the Enumclaw Street Fair and was super crazy busy (you know, with the 25 people that attended the Enumclaw Street Fair). I hope to go back soon sans Baby so I can actually try things on without having to do a little half-naked dance to entertain her/keep her from fussing.

On my way out of town, I saw a store called Suburban Soul that looks pretty rad too. Who would ever think that I would be trying to schedule Mama-free-time so I can go to Enumclaw. Seriously.

Song title: Girls In Their Summer Clothes by Bruce Springsteen

Just Like You

11 Jul

My New BFF
Last night I was up in Snohomish for a wedding rehearsal. During the processional practice, the Matron of Honor complimented me on my “look”. I had curled my hair, which I’ve been doing a lot lately, and it looks a little, actually a lot, like this:

I was thanking her when she told me I looked liked someone, she just couldn’t place it. It took her a second and then she told me that I looked like…

…wait for it…


That’s right, my friends, your very own Izzie Stevens at your service! What the MOH didn’t realize is that I’ve had a girl crush on Katherine Heigl since her My Father The Hero days. I remember being 15 and I would’ve given anything to be as gorgeous as Heigl. So, needless to say, that chick last night totally made my night! I’m determined now to replicate that hair, makeup, outfit combo every single day until I die!

So, sorry Mr. Bee, Sissy, and my Lovely Lady Friends, but Mama’s got a new BFF – random Matron of Honor from tomorrow’s wedding who obviously had been hitting the bottle to think that yours truly in any way resembles the Hollywood beauty. You, too, could be Mama Bee’s BFF. All that is required is baseless, ridiculous compliments comparing me to today’s most beautiful people. Simple, really! ;)

Song title: Just Like You by Keisha Cole

Oh! Look At Me Now!

19 Jun

Whatdya think of the new look? Thought I’d give y’all a realistic gander in to what my life looks like. Every. Single. Day.

Song Title: Oh! Look At Me Now! by Frank Sinatra

All I Need

17 Jun

The Monopolistic Cable Company just finished “hooking up” (read: flipped a stupid switch and plugged in our modem in to the jack) our cable television and broadband internet. Things are looking up, my friends!

(If you’ve wondered how I’ve been blogging and emailing in the interim, I can tell you that I absolutely wasn’t stealing wireless from our many new apartment neighbors. PS: Thank you random linksys owner who doesn’t know how to encrypt their router.)

Song Title: All I Need by Matchbox 20

A Change (Would Do You Good)

17 Jun

In order to not lose my mind, I will refrain from rehashing this weekend’s moving events. Long story short: Mama Bee & Baby Bee are not transitioning to apartment life well. Baby Bee refuses to sleep or do anything normally. Oh wait! That’s only when I’m around!! And, as most moms would expect, I am the only one around the majority of the time (while Mr. Bee is busy with the heavy lifting and moving strategies).

“Oh, you’re plastic. I’m talking to a plastic tree… I’m still doing it…”
On a more uplifting note, Sissy and I got some time to hang out together last night and we chose to see the new M. Knight Shyamalan movie The Happening. I don’t care what any “movie critic” says, I loved it! As is typical with M. Knight movies, it leaves you just creeped out enough that you start looking at the world in a different light when you step outside of the theater doors (if you have enough courage to go outside again after this movie!).

The writing is really good (although, there are some lines that are just stupid). And the dialog is funny! Marky Mark was a little too soft-spoken for my taste and I was very disappointed that the rest of the Funky Bunch were not featured in the movie. Zooey Deschanel, on the other hand, is so adorable, I just wanted to pinch her cheeks throughout the movie!

Sissy and I both agreed that while we liked the movie, we would have loved it even more if it wasn’t “R” rated. This movie has been a big deal because it’s M. Knight’s first R-rated movie, so it gets pretty gory. Both Sissy and I prefer the gross-shit-is-happening-but-M.-Knight-is-making-me-imagine-it-instead-of-showing-it-to-me style that M. Knight is known for.

But overall the movie was suspenseful, disturbing, and M. Knight-a-rific! I’m pretty sure Sissy screamed once or twice and I pretty much watched the entire movie through the slits between my fingers!

Song Title: A Change (Would Do You Good) by Sheryl Crow