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Hot Hot Hot

28 Jul

Have you seen the weather forecast for Seattle lately?

Weather Sux. I am anti-weather.

All together class…

What. The. Fuck.

And can I please point out how unprepared Seattle is for such high temperatures?

Oh, no. I’m not talking about the lack of air conditioning (which, FYI, none of us have A/C here thankyouverymuch so STFU with you’re “Oh, it’s not that hot you whiners.” I swear to God, I will punch you in the throat.), or how quickly our pale, Edward Cullen-like skin burns in such weather (well, not mine. I sparkle like Edward, duh.).

No, I’m talking about how the meteorologists aren’t even prepared with enough space on their forecasts for 100 degree weather!!

I am Anti-Weatherman, too.

Really, though, Steve Pool?

You can pretty much phone it in for 362 days of the year, but the ONE time that we have record-shattering heat, you can’t get off your lazy ass and expand the Excel spreadsheet column on your fancy little graphic to contain “100″?!

I’ll even make a new graphic for you. I’ll expect a shout out on the evening news.

I should've been a meteorologist...

Song title: Hot Hot Hot by Bina Mistry