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The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

11 Aug

The men’s beach volleyball team of Dalhausser and Rogers have numerous sponsors. One is apparently Oakley Sunglasses because even though the glare from the lenses prevents them from playing well, they refuse to take the glasses off. So they just took the lenses out:

Do they realize that they are totally copying Twitch?

Song title: The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades by Timbuk3

Recap – SYTYCD

7 Aug

So You Think You Can Dance – SEASON FINALE!!!!
Okay, so first of all, where is that red head dancer that I never liked? Why was Will announced solo?! Drama!!!

Since I’m watching the episode right now on TiVo, this commentary will be my stream of consciousness. I apologize in advance.

* Don’t say it…don’t say it…GOD, Why does Cat insist on having everyone scream “JEWJEEZZ!!”? Ugh.

* Why, oh, why, did America vote off Will? Yum.

* Cat’s hair is so gorgeous. I hate her in so many ways.

* Kherington is so cute.

* OMG, the Jonas Brothers are going to be on the show? How lame.

* Okay. Lots of the dances we’ve seen before. Yaaaawn.

* HOLY CRAP! DID YOU SEE MARY MURPHY DANCE WITH DEMITRI?!?! Is she a friggin’ Amazon?! She looks like she’s about 7 feet tall! And, although I reserve the right to deny I ever said this, what a pair of legs on her! I only hope that I have legs like that when I’m 185 years old like her.


Okay they are finally weeding contestants out…

Wowzas! Really? Courtney?! I mean, I guess somebody had to go…And what a great attitude she has about the whole competition! I {heart} her. Not as much as Kherington, of course, but I {heart} her none-the-less.


* I still can’t decide whether or not to buy tickets to the SYTYCD Tour. I think Nana, Sissy, and I would have fun, but I just don’t know if I want to spend the money on it. Hrumphf.

* Is it sacrilege to “bloop bloop” through dance routines while watching SYTYCD?

* OMG, WTF is this rabbit thing? Nightmares! NIGHTMARES!! BLOOP BLOOP!!! FASTER!!!!

* Even in double-time, that was the creepiest thing I’ve seen since this.


Oooh, more eliminations! The next person voted off the island is…

HOLY CRAP BALLS?! KATEE!?! Joshua is so gonna win this thing. I will be floored if he doesn’t. DUDE! $50k! What a great surprise for her! I would poo myself if someone surprised me with something like that.


* Little kids dancing creeps me out.

* Nigel dancing creeps me out more.

* I seriously love watching Twitch and Katee make out during the Mia Michaels performance. I even blooped back to watch it again. The whole routine gives me goosebumps. (Side note: I hate when people say “goose pimples”. Yuck.)

* I know I said it earlier, but the Jonas Brothers, really? I mean Niece would be/probably is SO excited, but Mama Bee is working out her Fast Forward feature of TiVo tonight…

* Geesh, Twitch and Kherington dance so beautifully together. Even to Celine. All I can think about is Twitch’s sweet words about Kherington on last night’s episode. I want them to get married and have bebies.

* I really hope Joshua wins. He’s such a strong and powerful dancer.

* Is it me or does it look like all those past contestants from Seasons 1-3 totally gained weight since they were on the show? I mean, it only makes sense and I certainly am not one to talk. Just an observation!

* Okay the big reunion, best-of, dance is giving me super chills. It reminds me of last year’s tour. I am so in tv-love with last year’s contestants! Especially Hok, even though I’m pretty sure he’s so tiny, I could fit him in my pocket.


And the winner is…


Yay! He totally deserves it! SUPER YAY! What an adorable teddy bear!

Recap – SYTYCD

7 Aug

So You Think You Can Dance – The final four contestants perform
Well, the Season Finale is recording on TiVo right now, but last night was the two hour Part One of the Season Finale. I can only imagine that Part Two will be roughly eighteen hours long. And, of course, we won’t find out the winner until the last 30 seconds of the episode, which my TiVo will promptly cut off right before the winner is announced. But I digress…

Courtney’s mini interview and solo were first and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house when the judges were giving their comments on her performances and growth throughout the season. I completely agree that she isn’t the strongest or best dancer, but she definitely wins the Most Improved category hands down. And I think she’ll kick some serious dancing ass once she gets a bit more training under her belt.

Next was the Wade Robson routine with Katee and Joshua. It was sooo captivating! I could not keep my eyes off of Katee the whole routine! The music was beautiful and for once the cameras didn’t jump around all retarded. The single, rotating camera shot was exactly what these dances demand! We don’t need fancy angles and weird close ups. Just a simple shot of the whole dance so that we don’t miss someone doing a cool move off to the side right when the cameraman decides to do a close up!

Any who, next was the prop-filled Katee and Courtney Broadway routine. First of all, those outfits were adorable! Obviously not an everyday outfit, but cute none-the-less! I really liked to see the girls dance side-by-side. It’s hard to compare the two, but I was surprised to find myself liking Courtney more than Katee. I’ve always been a Katee fan, but Courtney really gets in to character. Nigel was wow’d by Katee’s performance saying that she finished her movements just a bit more than Courtney, but I don’t agree. I felt like Courtney’s movements were sharper and she had more energy than Katee on this one.

Didn’t Twitch look like a little baby in his L.A. audition?! And to hear him talk so sweetly about Kherington…I feel like I missed that chemistry that they obviously had behind the scenes. Maybe they’ll have some little baby Twitchingtons in a few years! haha! Twitch’s solo was very “Twitch”-ey and I super loved that he wasn’t a caricature of himself – with a silly tee shirt and fake glasses. He was himself; just Twitch.

The behind-the-scenes with Joshua and Twitch were hysterical! Who knew they had such a competition going on behind the scenes of the, well, competition! Um, holy crap balls. People shouldn’t be able to jump as high as Joshua can. That boy is ridic. The whole Nutcracker/Russian routine was great! But sorry, Twitch, I think Joshua kicked your ass.

As much I like Katee, I’m starting to realize that she really doesn’t have the personality that the other three do. She’s a spectacular dancer, but it seems like she’s losing personality as the competition goes on.

Katee and Twitch had a great dance together. It looked like there was a little bit of struggling going on, especially at the end, but it really is amazing how versatile these dancers are!

Geez, Joshua is so much fun to watch! I think I’m rooting for him to win tonight!

I’ve been waiting for the pairing of Courtney and Joshua!! I think this is going to be GOOD!

::Mama Bee watches the routine::

Dear god, what did the Courtney do to the wardrobe department to deserve a one-piece bathing suit with fringe paired with some ugly boot-sneaker hybrid? She was so *clomp* *clomp* *clomp* across the stage all flat-footed. Yuck. Obviously, they danced their collective asses off, but yikes, it was very underwhelming.

The final Mia Michaels routine was…well…weird. So much plaid. I obviously missed something with this one. I just didn’t get it.

Well, what do you think folks? I’m thinking Joshua will win it this year. Now on to watching Part Two of the Season Finale. I predict a whole lot of “blooping” through the two…long…hours…

Recap – Burn Notice, SYTYCD, Life on the D List

1 Aug

Burn Notice – Comrades
Do you watch Burn Notice? I LOVE it! It’s a fun show that has enough fighting and spy junk in it that I can even convince Mr. Bee to sit down and watch it with me (which is a rare occurrence since Mr. Bee thinks TV is the Devil. With my ever growing list of 60+ shows I watch, who can blame him?). And seriously, could Bruce Campbell be any funnier? No, sir, he could not.

SYTYCD – Two dancers are eliminated
To tour or not to tour? That is the question with SYTYCD tour tickets going on sale Saturday! I’m guessing Alicia and Lindsay will be first in line?

And can you believe that the finale is next week?! I’m really in to SYTYCD now that it’s down to the really good dancers. I was getting a little bored watching the not-so-fantastic contestants but now it’s nail-biting drama as someone has to be booted off the show! Meow meow.

OPENING DANCE Those were such cute white dresses the girls had one! I thought the Mandy Moore routine was beautiful but I was kind of confused by the choreography. Anybody else notice that the girls weren’t always together with their movements? Was that intentional? I couldn’t tell. But geez, those lifts were super cool!

CAT Super beautiful Disco Barbie much? Man, she looked gorgeous. JEALOUS!

Okay, again, did this episode really need to be an hour long? I felt like I was witnessing a high school graduation with all the “you’re so grown up now” speeches by the judges. Don’t get me wrong, I thought that they were very touching. Especially the “don’t shat on your fans” speech.

SIDE NOTE: MARY MURPHY What the hell was she wearing around her neck? A choke chain?! Somewhat fitting actually…

Here are my brief notes on the individual solos:
Courtney: Pretty dancing but she keeps me wanting more from her (not in a good way)
Mark: Go home already. Me no likey. And really? Suspenders? Gross.
Katee: Loved it. Keeps me wanting more in a good way.
Joshua: Super loved it! I could watch dancers like him “pop” for hours. But please, Josh, cut your ponytail off already. Bleck.
Chelsie: Crazy good footwork but a couple of times she just seemed off.
Twitch: Totally fun, but left me waiting for some kick ass move that never came. Loved his sunglasses shirt (surprisingly).

- Uh, six year old break dancers are way too cute for words.
- Who the hell was that Lady Gaga chick? Seriously. WTF. And what was she wearing?! A french cut leotard with crazy ugly shoes and a coat. Bloop Bloop.

And the dancers leaving us were (drum roll please)…

Chelsie & Mark. I feel bad for Chelsie because I think “we” (as the collective SYTYCD fan nation) didn’t get to see her personality as much as with Katee and Courtney. What a fantastic dancer she is, though. Mad skills. As for Mark, meow meow.

Kathy Griffin: My List on the D-List – For Your Grammy Consideration
Um, is there anyone in the world funnier than Kathy Griffin? Even Mr. Bee watched this episode with me and we were both cracking up. Her photo shoot was hysterical and I totally want a copy of one of those billboards. “She’s got enough balls, just not enough awards.”

Recap – SYTYCD

31 Jul

The Six Final Dancers Perform
The good news is: Cat Deeley may be taking a break from her Ugly Dress Contest.

The bad news is: Apparently she’s started an Ugly Shoe Contest instead. Seriously, did you see those shoes? It looked like she attached a Popple to the heel of them. That or a shower puff.

And speaking of clothing choices, why does Mary Murphy always look liked she’s an attention-seeking Mother of the Bride. And someone had way to much fun with the Bedazzler on last night’s dress. Someone also needs to tell Murphy that pretty much the worst thing you could do to over-tanned, stretch-marked old-lady skin is to cover it is shiny gold glitter lotion. Gross, lady, just gross.

Since I’m on the topic of Mary Murphy, I’ve discovered something about her commentary. Have you noticed that she actually sounds and acts like a normal person/judge when she is critiquing ballroom dances. You can actually hear what she’s saying and dogs in the neighborhood aren’t freaking out. And then she has to critique hip hop or contemporary. Then she starts screaming like a banshee. I’m completely convinced that Murphy hides her lack of expertise for other dance styles behind screeching like a crazy person.

Oh, wait. Didn’t some people dance or something on the show last night? Okay, let’s talk about them…

Mark & Courtney
WATLZ: Their first dance was the Viennese Waltz and it was simply gorgeous. If you remember, I’m not a huge fan of Mark, but they just made that dance seem so effortless.

JAZZ: I {heart} Sonya Tayek. Any chick that dances/choreographs jazz while rocking a mohawk is radtastic. But what makes her routines jazz and not contemporary? The random jazz hands and spirit fingers? Eh, whatever. It still was pretty awesome. I liked it.

COURTNEY SOLO: Cool shirt. Cool song. “Eh” performance.

MARK SOLO: What was he wearing? And was he just doing an impression of a bird for 90 seconds? And omg, I hate his “interpretive thing” he does during Cat’s explanation of voting. Arg. Funny maybe the first time but not the 8 billion times since.

Katee & Joshua
CONTEMPORARY: I loved the comment about Katee + Joshua + Tyce = the holy trinity of SYTYCD! Hilarious! I think hands down Katee and Joshua are the strongest and most talented dancers on the show. And I think the judges know it too. Now hopefully America will vote appropriately (but I can’t complain too much since I haven’t voted yet this season).

PASA DOBLE: Um, since when are matador capes made out of Laura Ashely fabric? I think even wardrobe realized that this Pasa Doble was not choreographed awesomely. I really like Pasa Dobles when you really feel like the dude is throwing around the chick like she really is a cape. Didn’t get that at all with this dance. But I don’t think it was Katee or Joshua’s fault, just the choreography.

KATEE SOLO: Yeah, I’m pretty sure she’s going to win this season.

JOSHUA SOLO: What? WHAT?! Awesome. Rad. Kick Ass. Totally loved it.

Twitch & Chelsie
MAMBO: “2, 3, 4…6, 7, 8…What happened to 1 and 5?!” LMAO. Chelsie outfit was HAWT. Much prettier than Knight Rider’s red outfit! And those shoes! Yowzas! Loved them! But could we maybe invest $5 in the wardrobe department so they can buy some super glue? I mean, the poor girls outfit was falling apart! Even one of those cute bows on her shoes got kicked off! Step it up, Wardrobe! Geesh.

HIP HOP: I totally love Tabitha and Napoleon. I love them even more when they are judges and sit practically in each other’s laps and finish each other’s sentences. So friggin’ cute! Anywho, they bring a really fun style to SYTYCD this season! As for the dancing, I thought Twitch and Chelsie performed okay and pulled off the characters well.

CHELSIE SOLO: Man, I wish I could move my body/hips like her!

TWITCH SOLO: Just as I was going to vomit in my mouth a little from his “character”, the boy worked it out!! And he was wearing a new tee shirt this week so props to the wardrobe department. Lastly, Cat Deeley with the fake grill in her mouth almost made me pee myself with laughter.

Best Dance of the Episode:The Viennese Waltz
Worst Dance of the Episode:The Pasa Doble

Best Female Dancer:Katee
Worst Female Dancer:Courtney

Best Male Dancer:Joshua
Worst Male Dancer:Mark

Recap – SYTYCD

28 Jul

So You Think You Can Dance – Top 8 Dancers Perform
I know it’s way late, but I’m finally getting caught up on my TiVo’d shows. Here is my quick recap/(un)professional reviews of the dancers:

She is obviously the best female hip hop dancer ever on SYTYCD. But as far as everything else, I’m honestly surprised that she outwit and outlasted my girl crush, Kherington. And Nigel is right, she’s way better when she’s choreographed than when she’s just getting her groove on solo.

Dressing up like James Brown? LOVED IT! Was laughing my ass off and totally white-girl dancing around with Baby Bee on this one. Totally loved the slow hip hop routine with Courtney this week and, okay, in general, he is super ridic hot.

Katee is always a surprise! I never expect her to be as fabulous as she is. And, OMG, that Mia Michaels routine? Crazy good! I love that you can just tell how fucked up Mia Michaels is in the head, but somehow it comes out in these beautiful, expressive routines! I don’t know about that second routine, but I don’t think she has any reason to be worried any time soon.

I’m kind of over Mark. He did okay in the hip hop with Comfort but I can’t help but think of Legolas from Lord of the Rings every time I watch him dance. He’s just elf-like, right? Or maybe a Gremlin…

For being what appears to be about 3 feet tall, that girl has legs a mile long! I’m never a fan of the “dance for your life” solos when they do Latin or ballroom….BORING. But she was ridic with Joshua! Even the disco was fun (and I usually consider that the kiss of death dance!)

What a crazy strong dancer! I love a week or so ago when one of the judges commented on how timid and shy he is off stage, but when he dances WATCH OUT! So powerful! I thought his solo was really fun and he rocked it with Chelsie. But seriously, could we put him in pants that don’t hug his ass so tight? Please?!

Love her. Wasn’t blown away by anything this week and still wish that Gev would come back and marry her and have little baby Gevlets, but oh well.

Totally one of my favorites! But getting a little tired of the T/Superman tee shirts. We get it already. Wardrobe! New shirt, please!

My Predictions
I think Mark and Comfort will be voted off.

[Mama Bee watches results show]

Results Show Comments
The opening group dance was great, but does the wardrobe department have some ungodly love for shiny spandex that I’m just noticing? For reals, they’ve been slightly smoking crack this season.

Thank God we have good news on Cat Deeley’s Ugly Dress Contest. Check her out this week:
Holy crap! She looks fantastic! And her hair is to die for with that beautiful gigantor, sparkly thing on the side! Love it!

Okay, back to the results. Seriously, do we A WHOLE HOUR to read off results for eight people? Thank the TiVo Gods for Fast Forward (or “bloop bloop” as we call it in the Bee Household).

Safe. Duh.

Bottom 2?! What?!

Bottom 2. Dur.

Safe?! SERIOUSLY?! Even he was surprised!
(Remember, don’t feed him after midnight…)

Safe. Did you see Courtney’s face? Obviously she was thrilled.

Bottom 2?! Holy crap balls. OMG, um, him crying on Cat’s shoulder was probably the cutest thing I’ve seen all season!

Obviously not bottom 2. Not really sure why they announced results the way they did.

Again, obviously she knew she was one of the bottom 2. But I can’t imagine she will go before Comfort. I mean, COME ON.

Okay, I’m way to bored with this already so I’m bloop blooping through the ballet and solos STAT. And, WTF. LL COOL J?!

#1: Stupid Mic Stand much?
#2: I now have proof that time travel exists since I was just transported back to 1990.
#3: Seriously. Stop it, Fox. I can’t handle watching really shitty back up dancers in daisy duke shorts and tied-up tee shirts try to dance on a DANCE COMPETITION SHOW!!

Okay, bloop bloop. I can’t handle this shit.

::drum roll please::

Comfort goes Bye Bye
Thank GOD Courtney didn’t get voted off! Although it might be her week this week if she doesn’t bring it.

So long Will
Meow meow. Geez, he’s hot. AND talented. I predict this week that Mark will be voted off the island. Hopefully he doesn’t get wet and start popping multiple little Marks out of his head…