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Power Tool

13 Sep

Am I the only woman who goes bonkers for power tools?

I swear, it only takes a measly rotary tool to turn me from Elle Woods in to a bra-burning Rosie the Riveter.

And don’t even get me started on IKEA furniture. I am drawn to putting together furniture like a druggie fly is drawn to a meth kitchen.

Yeah, I lost myself with that last analogy too.

The only problem is that Mr. Bee likes doing the “manly” work of assembling furniture as much as I do. That’s when our house turns in to an IKEA Thunderdome.

Two people enter. Only one LACK table leaves…

Song title: Power Tool by 40 Below Summer

The Longest Pee

12 Feb

I had a friend over for Girl’s Night on Tuesday when she got an unexpected phone call from her husband who was at home, watching their 18-month old boy.

My friend’s husband had been working on his laptop when he had to take a break to change his son’s diaper. He put the laptop on the playroom floor and began changing his son in another room.

Mid-diaper-change, the little 18-month old pops up naked from the floor and runs away. The husband runs after him, following the little rascal in to the playroom where he sees his son peeing directly on his laptop.

Now the husband’s laptop is possible ruined!

Lesson learned: when in comes to computers, it’s always a good idea to keep the peeps in the pants.

Song title: The Longest Pee by Adam Sandler