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Yum Yum

14 Jan

Seriously, what is wrong with me?!
Last week
, we discussed my new obsession with designer maternity clothing.

(Yeah, I’ve already bought one shirt on ebay and I’m even pondering whether or not to contact the company directly for some blog “sponsoring”. Yeah, I’m that desperate for these clothes!)

Well, I was shopping for a wedding gift this weekend when I spotted a store from my past:
Naked ladies make good chocolate.<br />“id=”BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5290627864138683250″ /></a>See, at some point during my college years, I discovered Godiva Chocolates. I would save my money and take the bus downtown to <a href=Westlake Center. I would buy maybe 4 truffles and carry them carefully home, on the dirty dirty bus, back to my shitty basement apartment.

Seriously, it was a really crappy apartment. Like my bedroom was literally 6 feet by 12 feet. Sounds roomy, but imagine it packed with a desk, dresser and twin size bed. It was more like a college jail cell than anything.

But I digress.

Godiva was my tiny little luxury during college and I haven’t really eaten the delicious chocolates since then.

Until this weekend, when the siren’s song was just too tempting. I went in for a few little truffles and came out with this:

Empty bag.And now that bag is empty. So sad.

And I have officially fallen off the Godiva wagon.

I’m pretty sure I got the lemon chiffon truffle, the strawberry truffle and the crack-flavored truffle, because I couldn’t put that shit down and now I’m just craving more.

Oh, I was also doing some gardening today and seem to have misplaced my money-growing tree. If you have noticed one laying around anywhere, could you let me know? ‘Cause this Godiva/crack habit is gonna suck me dry if I don’t start pooping money soon…

Song title: Yum Yum by Spoonie Gee