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This Year

27 Jan

This year, is gonna be incredible
This year, is gonna be the one
All the planets are lining up for me
This year, I’m gonna have fun
This year, I paint a masterpiece
This year, I’ll be recognized…

I’m not really a New Years Resolution kind of girl. With that said, I think that there are definitely things I can work on. I heard the song “This Year” on my iPod the other day and thought, “Why can’t this be *my* year?!” So here is my list of things I hope to accomplish in 2009…

1. Exercise at least two times a week.
That shit ain’t gonna happen unless I plan for it. Tomorrow I’m going to sit down and figure out a schedule for exercising, whether it be every other day or only two times a week. But sista, I need to slim down before (the not-yet-conceived) Cletus turns me in to the Michelin Man again.

2. Watch less television.
Hahahahahaha, yeah right! This one actually applies to Baby Bee. I’m so crazy proud of how smart she is and I give a lot of credit to the educational programming she watches, but I feel like she’s watching just a bit too much right now. I’m sure every one else will gasp as this “new time allotment”, but I’m gonna try to keep her down to under 2 hours a day. The girl loves her frickin’ shows, what can I say?

3. Find time to paint more.
See that really blurry photo at the top of this post? Yeah, I painted that! Not too shabby, right? I absolutely love to paint, but I haven’t gotten to pick up a paint brush (to paint something other than the walls) for about a year with the move and whatnot. Even though it will require cleaning up the office/craft/painting room, I’m determined to not only pick up a paint brush again soon, but to finish a large scale project I’ve been not working on for a while.

4. Stop comparing myself to others.
Whether it be fashion, weight, houses, salary, etc., I’m constantly comparing and judging myself against other people. I even compare how clean I keep the house to ridiculously high standards like Martha Stewart. I need to teach myself that being an adult doesn’t equate to being perfect all the time. Adults make mistakes. Adults make messes.

5. Have more fun.
The last few five summers have been far too busy with weddings on Saturdays and wedding rehearsals on Fridays. I’m hoping this year to have some time off and to fill that time with children’s museums, trips to the park and the beach, play dates with new friends and old ones, and trips out to our family lake house in the middle of no where Shelton.

6. Be a better friend.
I don’t think that I’m a bad friend. In fact, I try really hard to be a dependable and fun friend to every one I like I know. But I could be better. I also want to make time for each and every friend and get to know my friends on a deeper level.

7. Accept my weight/physical appearance for what it is.
I do not think I am a pretty woman. In fact, I hate 99.99% of all photos of me. But I need to wrap my head around the fact that (1) people probably do not think I’m as ugly as I think I am, (2) I probably do not look as fat as I think I am, and (3) who the frick cares? I’m hoping to become healthier/thinner through my exercising (see #1), but this face ain’t going any where. So I probably need to just deal with the fact that I am what I am (yes, I’m quoting Popeye. You gotta a problem with that?)

8. Write gooder on this blog.
‘nuf said.

9. Start compiling my ideas in to a book.
Oh yeah, I’ve become one of *those* bloggers. But hey, I’m not looking to write the next Great American Novel. Just something funny for moms and moms to be.

10. Keep making people laugh.
It humbles me (and makes me poo myself with happiness) that people actually find this POS blog entertaining! I resolve to keep trying my hardest to find relevant topics to mock, controversies to dispute, and keep supplying you with an endless variety of synonyms for the vagina.

As a sidenote, I must add that yours truly at Mom to Bee exposed her 5 year old niece to the word “vagina” for the first time yesterday. Sissy got the great opportunity to answer the age old question “what is a vagina?” followed up with “What are pads/tampons for?”

You’re welcome.

Song title: This Year by Chantal Kreviazuk