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Recap – Knight Rider, The Mole

29 Jul

Knight Rider
Okay, so I’ll admit that Mr. Bee and I watched an old episode on some random channel last night. I don’t have a recap so much as some fucking hilarious screen shots of some HAWT fashions. Enjoy.

Apparently this is the kind of thing that you can wear to a cocktail party or to the garage to work on your race car. I totally thought this outfit was a dress until she started strutting her stuff on the dance floor. HAWT.

Fer reals, I don’t even have any words. Please note the brick-sized cell phone that super hawt bikini lady is handing to the I-wish-I-were-cool-enough-to-be-on-Miami-Vice-but-instead-I’m-playing-a-hit-man-on-Knight-Rider dude.

PS: Why do all 1980′s bad guys/hit men live on yachts?

The Mole – The last exemption
Okay, first of all, could Nicole be any more (a)self-absorbed, (b)irritating, (c)self-important, (d)bitchy, (e)psycho, or (f)all of the above.

Except for the scary physical things they have to do, I would love to be on this show. I super love mind games and puzzles. This episode had it all! It reminded me of this great restaurant that used to be in Seattle that was spy themed. It was a lounge/bar/restaurant area surrounded by stations where you played games like they do! It was totally rad.

Anyways, back to the Mole. I’m pretty sure the Mole is Craig. Mainly because last time it was a chick so I figure “they” are due to have a boy mole. Also, they hardly ever ask him who he thinks the Mole is. But just because I think it’s Craig, that means it’s probably Mark.

Did that last paragraph make any sense? I’m not even sure it’s in English…

So next week is the finale, which is pretty exciting. I’m just excited to (hopefully) never have to watch Nicole on television ever again! Oh, the sacrifices I make for television…