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Karma (Comes Back Around)

26 Jan

Why you make me cry on a Monday?This weekend I went from 19 followers (I know, I know, I’ve hit it big time!) to 18 followers!

I guess Karma’s a bitch.

Excuse me while I use my superhuman detective powers to find out who dropped me and why, cuz that shit stings! Didn’t you, the interwebs, realize that I was just telling you to stop reading BORING blogs?!

Song title: Karma (Comes Back Around) by Adam F

A Change (Would Do You Good)

25 Nov

What do you think of the new header? I kind of have to change something about my surroundings every 1.5 seconds or I slowly go insane due to boredom…

Song title: A Change (would Do You Good) by Sheryl Crow