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Where Is the Love?

14 Jan


So apparently there are a lot of people out there that are offended by either (1) my disdain of Walmart, or (2) somehow talking about my vagina and spastic colon wasn’t as offensive as complaining about having an eye infection…

Because I lost more than two-thirds of my subscribers two days ago!!


I’m really hoping that it’s some sort of Feedburner glitch or somebody might be wallowing in self-pity tomorrow. I’m not naming names, but there is this one overly-sensitive and emotionally-erratic pregnant chick I know that is going to be crying her pink eyes out tomorrow over some Cold Stone Ice Cream (hear that, Mr. Bee? I’m still craving. GET MEH SOME ICE CREAM!!).

You know you wanna...

On a somewhat related note, today apparently is Official DeLurker Day, which means all you tens of people who haven’t deleted me from your readers should comment on the post tonight and tomorrow telling me, I don’t know, how totally awesome I am you are and whatnot.

Write whatever you want. What’s your favorite color/food/sexual position? If you weren’t doing what you are doing now, what profession do you think you’d be doing? What’s your worst phobia? (We don’t judge here. Fucking clowns.)

Oh, and all you peeps that somehow accidentally managed to delete me from your readers, well, um, COME BACK!! I promise I won’t ever talk about anything remotely disgusting, inappropriate, or “colorful” again.

You know, until tomorrow.

UPDATED: I just read online that it IS in fact a Google Reader/Feedburner fuck-up that is affecting my stats. I should have my normal 12 subscribers showing on my chart in no time. Phew!

But I think I still need some ice cream…

Song title: Where Is the Love? by Black Eyed Peas

Do You Want To Break Up?

28 Jan

I think I found out who stop following me and I think it was one of my favorite bloggers.


Do You Want To Break Up? by Eurythmics

Karma (Comes Back Around)

26 Jan

Why you make me cry on a Monday?This weekend I went from 19 followers (I know, I know, I’ve hit it big time!) to 18 followers!

I guess Karma’s a bitch.

Excuse me while I use my superhuman detective powers to find out who dropped me and why, cuz that shit stings! Didn’t you, the interwebs, realize that I was just telling you to stop reading BORING blogs?!

Song title: Karma (Comes Back Around) by Adam F

Just Like You

22 Jan

On a daily basis, besides my Outlook Calendar and my TiVo Schedule(s), there is one other list that I depend on.

Google Reader

Even though it seems personal, I’ve decided to share my reader list with you, my beloved strangers friends.

Holy blog list, Batman!
Compared to my 61 Seasons Passes, my list of 33 blogs to read every day seems down right pathetic.

But, to be honest, I’ve kind of paired down my list a bit recently. I was reading a few blogs that, well, just didn’t do anything for me. One day, while I was reading a random post, I just realized that (1) I didn’t have a single thing in common with this person, and (2) I didn’t really enjoy reading her posts.

It got me thinking: do you (the interwebs) read blogs written by people more or less like yourself?

I find my recent ax-ing of blogs interesting because I socialize in real life with people of many different cultures, backgrounds, religions, etc. I also find myself listening to a lot of talk radio (because I’m now a boring Mom), but I don’t even listen to liberal radio. I tend to listen to radio hosts that I generally don’t agree with, because it really gets my brain churning and helps me focus of my own personal arguments and/or opinions on whatever topic they are beating in to the ground that day. (Yeah, take *that* grammar. Mama loves her run-on sentences.)

There is just something about reading blog entries on a semi-daily basis that is different. Maybe it’s because said blogs didn’t make me laugh. Maybe they didn’t challenge my own beliefs enough to be interesting to me.

Either way, I feel okay not reading them anymore. Unless they find out…then I’ll feel as guilty as hell!

PS: How can I have more followers on Twitter than on my blog?! And sadly, both numbers are not high. Oh, the irony.

Meow meow.

Song title: Just Like You by Keyshia Cole