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Undercover Funny

3 Dec

Despite being stressed out and sleep deprived all. the. time. My hubbie (Mr. Bee) and I love to make each other laugh. The Mister has such a silly sense of humor, but it never ceases to make me giggle.

His favorite thing to do is change lyrics to songs to make them funny (think Weird Al). But every now and then he’ll totally crack my shit up unexpectedly, like the other night:

It was just a normal night of tv watching (you’re shocked, I know) and due to both normal exhaustion and his liver disease, Mr. Bee headed up early to bed while I continued to watch my beloved TiVo. We smooched and wished each other a goodnight and the Mister headed upstairs to bed.

Hours later, I got my lazy ass off the couch and headed upstairs to bed. As I reached the stairs, I noticed Mister’s shirt that he had unbuttoned and left in a pile on the stairs.

“Really, though?” I thought and while grumbling expletives whispering sweet nothings, I picked up his shirt to put it in it’s proper place: the bedroom floor the closet floor the laundry hamper.

I had barely finished picking up the shirt when I see his undershirt dumped a little farther up the steps.

“Seriously?!” I’m thinking.

I grab that shirt and head further up the stairs (Jesus, this story makes it sound like I have to go 185 steps to get upstairs…) and notice his JEANS on the second half of the stairwell.

Okay, now it’s kind of funny. I’m sure he got a giggle out of stripping down while walking upstairs knowing that I’d find it all soon.

Sidenote: I’m just realizing as I type this that our new house has huge un-curtained windows that face not only the street we live on, but since we live smack dab at an intersection, we face every one driving straight down the street at our house! I wonder if anyone got an eyeful of Mr. Bee that night? My apologies to the neighbors!!

So I’m walking up the stairs, collecting my husbands clothes, and I notice something at the top of the stairs. His underwear?

I pick it up to add it to the stack.

Wait a second.

MY underwear?!

By this time I’m totally laughing my ass off. But then I turn to our master bedroom door and see this:
Of course, I promptly told him that it was blog worthy and that soon all my friends and strangers blog friends will know all about his undressing escapades!

Song title: Undercover Funny by Atom and His Package