Break on Through

2 Sep

Last week, Sissy and I took the families to Seaside, Oregon for a quaint little beach house vacation.

And by “quaint” I mean that our beach house was 3700 square feet.


Seriously, you would’ve died. The bathrooms alone were enough to make me wet myself a little. You could have literally fit about 10 people in the master bath shower (I actually did measure it out while showering one morning. Don’t ask.), which was outfitted with two shower heads, one hand-held shower thingy and four body spray nozzles.

We spent the week lounging around and visiting the beach. I think the kids had a little bit of fun.

I swear the fourth kid is running around somewhere...

The entire week was a blast, which shouldn’t be so surprising except for one little thing: Sissy and I can handle a maximum of two days living together before we have a full on relationship breakdown and can hardly handle being in the same room together.

So you can imagine our shock and awe when the vacation was all but over and we hadn’t bickered at all!

forgive our beach hair and faces!

We were just as shocked as you are.

Bee had many huge breakthroughs of her own last week. If you know Bee personally, you’d know that Bee hates getting dirty. We once took her to a local beach and she refused to venture out off of the towel because (gasp!) sand! Dirt! Oh my!

So imagine our surprise when this happened:

She's sitting in the dirt!!!

And this:


And even this:

OMFG!!! Dirt. On. Face.

She even ATE sand, people!! ATE IT!

That beach has magical powers, y’all. (at least I hope it had magical powers and not more butt worms)

Song title: Break on Through by The Doors

3 Responses to “Break on Through”

  1. Pearl Wisdom September 2, 2009 at 7:20 am #

    OMG! cutest vacay pictures EVAAAARRRR!

    is my child the only one who refuses to wear sunglasses? i mean, screw the eyeball protection, they are such a great accessory! i hope she changes her mind soon.

    Bee and TJ would have a great time eating sand together. Oy!

  2. Shannon September 2, 2009 at 9:13 am #

    We once spent a week at the beach with my husband’s family… his parents and grandparents, his two brothers and their wives and kids. There were 15 of us total. Had a great time but I can tell you, there is NO way I could do that with MY side of the family. We’d last maybe 3 days before pissing each other off…

  3. sissy2mom2b September 2, 2009 at 10:35 am #

    Um, yeah. Still can’t believe we didn’t even bicker. We are amazing. Thanks for making that pic black and white. You can hardly tell I have NO makeup on. Bleck.
    We had SO much fun. Now, where are we going next summer?

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