26 Jul

This last weekend, Mr. Bee and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary.

I’ll hold for your applause…

I totally thought, “Yay for us! We are so bad ass!” and then the waitress at dinner pointed out a couple who was celebrating their 44th anniversary.

Way to rain on my parade, lady.

Anywho, Mr. Bee and I had a totally awesome time. And also realized how ridiculously exhausted and parents-of-two-young-children we are.

First, we visited the newly-remodeled iPic (formerly Gold Class) Cinema in Redmond. After being a total bitch complaining about the business format changes, the VP of Marketing kindly offered to treat us on our first visit back post-makeover.

And, as if that wasn’t enough to make me feel horribly guilty about complaining on Facebook, then they (1) wished us a happy anniversary every 2.9 seconds, (2) treated us like fucking royalty, and (3) comped our entire bill!! Talk about best anniversary present ever!! (Sorry Mr. Bee)

Even better, it was a great opportunity to visit the new establishment, which, to be honest and in no way bias due to the super awesomeness of being comped, is not that different from the previous business model. Sure, there aren’t the call buttons which will be sorely missed. This leads to, I think, more interruptions during the first 20 minutes of the show when you can still order from the waitress. But besides that, if you are going to shell out the cash to be the premium plus VIP super awesome seat ticket holder or whatever they call it, I don’t see a huge difference in service or experience.

My one complaint, though, was something I don’t think I could forgive any company for, let alone my beloved Gold Class…

They switched popcorn vendors.

That’s right folks. Pull your jaw off the floor. The wonderful, fantastical, mouth-wateringly delicious white cheddar popcorn that I crave and look forward to every visit?

It’s. Gone.

I would’ve rather they kick me in my lady bits.

And the new popcorn is in this plastic bag that I stared at all movie thinking, “gawd, I want to eat that but if I open it now, everyone watching Ron and Hermoine play tonsil hockey will stone me to death in the public, albeit super fancy, town square.”

But I seriously digress.

After the movie, we checked in to our hotel because, guess what? My folks watched the crotch parasites overnight! Woooo to the mother fuckin whooooooo!

And when we got the hotel, did we make sweet love down by the fire? Did we whisper sweet nothings in to each other’s ears?

Nope. We took a nap.

Then we went out for a fantastic dinner, which we couldn’t really enjoy because we had each our weight in food at iPic. Once we got back to the hotel, we pondered the night’s options. Another movie? Stay in and get a movie on pay-per-view ($19 to rent Source Code?! You’ve got to be kidding me!)?

And then we fell asleep.

At like 9 pm.

It was the best anniversary weekend EVAR.

Song title: Anniversary by Tony!Toni!Tone!

2 Responses to “Anniversary”

  1. Heather July 27, 2011 at 4:27 pm #

    lol, it sounds like an amazing weekend! Glad you got some time to yourselves and time to relax.

    I have to disagree about iPic, though. I’m sorely dissappointed that they switched to the new model and I think the old model was by FAR superior. It’s just not that new or different anymore. It lost some of that love and feeling, I guess.

  2. Rachael July 27, 2011 at 11:42 pm #

    Happy Anniversary! It sounds awesome.

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