A Northwest Winter Tan

27 Mar

I need some advice! I’ve got a vaca planned in early May for Vegas, baby, Vegas! Now my problem is that I am soooo pale, I’m practically transparent. I’m pretty worried that if I go out in the Vegas sun without some sort of base tan, that I will, at the very least, burn poor tourists’ corneas. Have any of you ladies (or fellas) out there gotten a spray/airbrush tan? I know Seattle has The Bronze Bar in Belltown which is supposed to be great, but I’m hoping to find something that nice/credible down in the South End.

Should I go fake tan in a tanning bed so I don’t burn in the desert sun or get a fake airbrush tan so I don’t injure the inhabitants of Las Vegas?

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  1. ambrojean March 27, 2008 at 3:51 pm #

    Did you say spray tanning!?! I have a true love/hate relationship with this. Here are my thoughts…

    I love it because:
    1) It really does work….side note — make sure you go at the right level (3 is the highest – i.e. supermegatan, so I would probs recommend 1 for you)
    2) You don’t get the harmful UV rays and wrinkling skin — side note, maybe your next post could be on botox? I am dying to try it or hear from someone who has :)
    3) When preparing for a trip you might want to consider going in the regular tanning bed and following it up with the spay tan for the extra golden look — side note, don’t use any lotion in the regular bed, or the spray tan wont work.

    Now, reasons why I dislike it:
    1) I get more anxiety about going in the spray tan booth than the gyno — side note, make SURE you ask for nose plugs (they dont offer them) but they save you from ingesting more of the chemicals that necessary.
    2) You stink….literally, for hours and hours — side note, go at night, shower and expholiate ahead of time, dont put on lotion, dont wear anything you like, dont sleep on light colored sheets, dont plan on doing the “deed” (trust me on this, you will be sweating off spray tan — NNOOTT HOT!)
    3) You get “duck feet” and may look slightly like you have a disease with random discoloration, i.e. avoid open toed shoes –side note, you MUST put lotion on your hands and feet (only), use lots, when exiting the booth rub those places with the towel first.

    I haven’t gone to the Broonze Bar, but have gone to the local salons that offer Mystic. Personally, having someone spay me and endure the smell more than 30 seconds is beyond incomprehensible.

    I DO however have a new love for spray tanning which comes in a bottle that you do from home called Fake and Bake! I swear by this stuff….around $30 a bottle and doesn’t cause (me anyways) the anxiety of the whole spray tanning fiasco. Just a thought….LMK how it goes :)

  2. Mama Bee March 27, 2008 at 5:35 pm #

    Thanks for all the feedback AmJam! I’ve read a lot online today that says that Mystic is great except it fades really unattractively! I think that paired with a coupon in the mail today for a local tanning salon has convinced me to just fake and bake in a bed a couple times before Vegas. I know it’s bad for you in the long run, but I never do it, so I figure a few times in the bed won’t kill me (fingers crossed!)

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