A Long Walk

10 Nov

Guess what I did this last weekend?

A 5K Run/Walk!

::this is where I wait for you to stop laughing::

Okay, asshole. No need to laugh that hard.

Really, stop laughing.

I know, I know. It is kind of unbelievable.

First, I should probably really emphasize the WALK part of that previous statement.

Sissy decided to do the Run/Walk in memory of her father-in-law who passed a while back from lung cancer. To keep her company and support her, I decided to join her.

Crazy, right?

Sissy has been doing great with some training while I have been training my muffin top to regrow those five pounds I lost due to that God-given stomach bug a little while back.

Seriously, people. It should be illegal for someone like me to have so much left over Halloween candy in the house. As I type this I have not one, not two, not THREE, but FOUR empty candy wrappers sitting next to me.

By the tin of Petite Palmier Cookies from Trader Joe’s.

I have a problem, y’all.

Despite my candy binge carbo load, I got off my ass and walked 3.125 miles on Sunday.

Oh yes, I looked up exactly how many miles a 5k is because hell if I was gonna walk 3.126 miles. Fuck ‘em. At milepost 3.125, I’m OUT.

Sissy assured me that this is going to be a sweats-wearing, Starbucks-drinking kind of event so it may not surprise any of you that we didn’t come home with any medals.

However, Sissy wasn’t entirely accurate with the clothing description. I actually ended up wearing:

- track pants
- a long-sleeved shirt
- a hoodie sweatshirt
- the race tee
- a rain poncho
- a fleece scarf wrapped around my head turban-style
- gloves stuffed with those brilliant hand warmey things

You know what? I think a picture speaks a thousand words…

Please disregard the lack of shower and makeup. It was race day, dammit.

It was a little chilly. And, yes, maybe I don’t look thrilled to be there.

But I was thrilled to eat the IHOP breakfast we treated ourselves to afterward.

Aren’t you supposed to carbo-load for a big athletic event?

Song title: A Long Walk by Jill Scott

3 Responses to “A Long Walk”

  1. sissy2mom2b November 10, 2009 at 11:24 am #

    Hehe! We freakin’ rocked it, dude. We were a hell of a lot warmer than those morons wearing shorts. So, we looked a little lumpy….

    T’s daddy passed away last year, May 2008.

  2. Aimee November 10, 2009 at 1:36 pm #

    Congrats! I just started running and I’m only at 1.4 a day. Hope to run a 5K by next month, but we’ll see. I’m with you though, food is a good motivator!

  3. Stacy November 10, 2009 at 2:15 pm #

    Sweats wearing and starbucks drinking. Yep, that sounds like an event I’d be interested in :)

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