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A Change (Would Do You Good) | Mom to Bee

A Change (Would Do You Good)

17 Jun

In order to not lose my mind, I will refrain from rehashing this weekend’s moving events. Long story short: Mama Bee & Baby Bee are not transitioning to apartment life well. Baby Bee refuses to sleep or do anything normally. Oh wait! That’s only when I’m around!! And, as most moms would expect, I am the only one around the majority of the time (while Mr. Bee is busy with the heavy lifting and moving strategies).

“Oh, you’re plastic. I’m talking to a plastic tree… I’m still doing it…”
On a more uplifting note, Sissy and I got some time to hang out together last night and we chose to see the new M. Knight Shyamalan movie The Happening. I don’t care what any “movie critic” says, I loved it! As is typical with M. Knight movies, it leaves you just creeped out enough that you start looking at the world in a different light when you step outside of the theater doors (if you have enough courage to go outside again after this movie!).

The writing is really good (although, there are some lines that are just stupid). And the dialog is funny! Marky Mark was a little too soft-spoken for my taste and I was very disappointed that the rest of the Funky Bunch were not featured in the movie. Zooey Deschanel, on the other hand, is so adorable, I just wanted to pinch her cheeks throughout the movie!

Sissy and I both agreed that while we liked the movie, we would have loved it even more if it wasn’t “R” rated. This movie has been a big deal because it’s M. Knight’s first R-rated movie, so it gets pretty gory. Both Sissy and I prefer the gross-shit-is-happening-but-M.-Knight-is-making-me-imagine-it-instead-of-showing-it-to-me style that M. Knight is known for.

But overall the movie was suspenseful, disturbing, and M. Knight-a-rific! I’m pretty sure Sissy screamed once or twice and I pretty much watched the entire movie through the slits between my fingers!

Song Title: A Change (Would Do You Good) by Sheryl Crow

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