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Wednesday Night Television

26 Mar

Love it: Aimee (so sad to see her go), Claire (she needed to calm down a bit at final judging), and awkward Lauren.

Over it: Dominique (and that speaking in third person!), Fatima, Stacy Ann (that voice!), and (gasp) Tyra. Seriously, what an AW!

Love it: Brooke (love her!), Carly (she’s great – I would love for her to win), Michael Johns (sorry honey, but he is soooo dreamy!). Oh, and Jason Castro has the most beautiful eyes (and a nice voice).

Over it: Kristy Lee Cook, Chikezie and David Archuleta


26 Mar

Since my curiosity simply can’t handle “anonymous” comments, I’ve had to change my settings! Sorry dudes! :)


26 Mar

Happy (belated) Easter!

26 Mar

"She did *what*?!"

26 Mar

I don’t know what’s up with me but I have been so drawn to gossip lately! I know it’s horrible and I shouldn’t perpetuate people talking about others (especially behind their back), but I just can’t stay away! I feel guilty, temporarily – mind you, but keep on coming back for more.

What is it about drama that I am so drawn to? Is it the delicious scandal or just bit of action in my oh-so-boring day to day life?

Speaking of drama, a gaggle of crows just decided to WWF on the roof of my living room!


26 Mar

I’m already getting phone calls, so let me explain! “Mom to Bee” is a play on words – “Bee” being my little B. at home! While, I fully expect to be knocked up again by year’s end, I am NOT currently expecting!

This pretty much describes Mama Bee…

26 Mar

I love this comic!

Introduction to Baby Bee

26 Mar

I think this photo says it all. You take your eyes off ‘em for one minute…
She thought it was hysterically funny that she finally got herself completely under the couch!

Hi from Mama Bee

26 Mar

Hi. My name is Maggie and I am a 28 (almost 29, eek) year-old mom from the Seattle area. Baby Bee is a 11-month old girl who I simply adore. This blog was created to help me remember Baby Bee’s journey, as well as help me document the ups and downs of being a Mama Bee! Enjoy!