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Monday Night TV

31 Mar

The Big Bang Theory
First of all, this show gets HUGE bonus points for having a theme song by The Barenaked Ladies. I also personally love Johnny Galecki, also known as Darlene’s boyfriend (and later husband) in Roseanne. Monday’s episode focuses on Sheldon, Leonard’s (Galecki) roommate, being a hypocondriac and getting sick. The character of Sheldon is one of those characters that is so annoying you actually end up really disliking the actor in future roles. Which, I guess, means that the actor is doing a really good job. But that doesn’t make me like his character any more. The secondary characters, Sheldon and Leonard’s buddies, really make the show for me. They are uber-nerds (my peeps).

How I Met Your Mother
OMG, I love this show. Even just the commercials/teasers make me crack up. Easily one of the top 10 shows on television! They have such a great ensemble cast; it’s really hard to pick a favorite! I definitely favor Marshall (Jason Segel) especially during the law school years. But I’d be a liar if I didn’t say my absolute favorite is Barney/Swarley (Neil Patrick Harris).

Monday’s episode was Barney-centric and I was Loving It! The best part was Barney pretending to be blind in the museum! Crossing his eyes and pawing all over that girl’s face?! Classic! The best? The description of Barney’s conquests:

“She had blonde hair, boobs, kinda trashy…” “…dead in the eyes with an aura of self-loathing and despair? That’s all of them…”

OMG, the show ended with Barney typing in his blog with the Doogie Howser, M.D. theme in the background. I seriously didn’t think this show could get any funnier! The only thing about the show is that it kills me when they tease information on who the “mother” from the title will be! As I’ve said many times before, I have no patience (which is kind of becoming a theme in this blog, huh?). I’m the girl who falls in love with a show and then does everything she can to find spoilers (LOST) or simply watch the entire season before it airs on tv (Dexter). When any show ends with a cliffhanger, my curiousity just kills me until the next episode. Which, I suppose, is the point. Stupid writers.

Bitch is the New Black

31 Mar

Well, I Guess That’s That
Originally this post was going to be all about how I’m really going to try hard to go through the delegate process (I’m a precinct delegate already) and make it all the way to the Democratic National Convention in August. I was already researching when and where the Convention is (Aug. 25-28 in Denver, CO if anyone cares) and how to get elected.

Until I researched the next step in the caucuses. So this coming Saturday is the District Caucus. After that it’s State and then National. Well, the State Caucus is…wait for it…April 13th. The day of Baby Bee’s 1st Birthday Party. The Caucus starts at…wait for it…2 pm. The exact *time* of Baby’s Bee’s 1st Birthday Party.

So I guess I won’t be petitioning to move on at Saturday’s Caucus. {sad face} I’m really disappointed because I feel really passionate about politics this year. I’m sure I’ll get another chance (in 8 years after Hillary’s served her two terms!) I was just really interested and excited to play a part in something so historic and important. Oh well. {shrug}

Don’t make me shiv you, eh, hoser?

31 Mar

Inmate killed after riot at British Columbia prison
By Associated Press
AGASSIZ, British Columbia – An inmate at a federal prison in Agassiz, British Columbia, has been killed after an uprising.

CKNW, a radio station in Vancouver, says inmates at Mountain Institution started breaking windows around 10 p.m. Saturday.

The station identified the man killed as 39-year-old Michael Andrew Gibbon. A spokesman for Corrections Canada says it’s unclear if Gibbon was attacked or got caught up in the violence.

Mountain Institution is a medium-security prison east of Vancouver that houses almost 500 inmates.

Not to make light of the situation, but I just have the hardest time wrapping my mind around Canadians in prison. Canadia (as I call it) just seems like the most docile country. I just imagine the prisoners sitting around eating back bacon and maple syrup and discussing the complexities of hockey or curling. And I love how the article says that there was an “uprising.” Not a riot. Just a game of hop-scotch gone wrong.

She *is* persistent!

31 Mar

Well, she’s been trying for months now, but she finally reached her goal (getting *inside* her activity center):

And I did my makeup, why?

31 Mar

Curl up & Dye, Part 815
I *love* getting my hair done. There is something about the luxury and pampering of getting your hair cut and colored. I love the smell of your hair after you get it colored and how the smell stays around for a while.

The only part of the process that I dislike is that my colorist, who is just fabulous and wonderful and I’d never go to anyone else, cannot keep my face dry when she rinses out my hair. No matter how hard I cross my fingers and think in my hair, “Maybe *this* time will be different,” my colorist will not only rinse off a two-inch section of makeup around my hairline (which I understand – I wouldn’t want her leaving chemicals on my face), but she also manages to get water in my ears and pretty much sprayed across my entire face by the end of the rinse.

And, of course, no matter how many times this has happened to me, I never remember to bring makeup to my hair appointments. So by the end of the appointment, with a big smile on my face to see the final product after I’ve changed out of the robe and in to my shirt again, it never fails that my makeup is rinsed off and I look like the creature from the Black Lagoon.

Fast Forward (or "bloop bloop" in TiVo language)

31 Mar

Back to the Future
Do you ever sit around dreaming about your future? Well, I do. All the time, in fact. Not that I want to fast-forward though my babies’ early years, but I’m so excited for, roughly, 3 years from now. This is how I think it will pencil out.

Mama Bee & Hive in 2011…
Picture this: Mama Bee & Mr. Bee with our 2 Baby Bees (4 and 2, respectively). Living in our suburbanian, Stepfordesque utopia. Hopefully we’ll move to our new home by the end of 2008, so we’ll have been there for about 2 years – comfortable, but still settling in. I’ll have convinced my family and friends to move close, so playdates and dinner parties will be abundant.

By the end of 2010, all my student loans from law school will be paid off. Yes, my math friends, that will be 6 years after graduation. For those that think that is a long time, I left graduate school with a law degree from a private institution and, since I guess talking about money is taboo with some people, let’s just say I could buy two brand new Porshe 911s with the debt that came from tuition and books, etc.

So, by the end of 2010, with our super aggressive debt attack method (trademark – haha!) we will be completely debt free. We’ll have a new-ish home. We’ll have our 2.5 kids (well, hopefully just 2 kids. Maybe we can trade in the half-a-kid for a dog or something). Probably be shopping for a new car and/or saving for a super awesome vacation.

But, as I’ve discussed before, I have the patience (and attention span) of a 2-month old puppy. I’m so happy that we got working towards this awesome goal, but I want it all NOW! (cue whiny baby voice) We found the house; I want to buy it yesterday! We figured out the debt pay-off solution; ok, is the debt gone yet? Can I actually buy furniture that wasn’t designed by some guy named Ingvar? I’m sure many of you are thinking, “you whiny little brat! So you have to wait a couple years before you get everything you want. Waaahhhhhhh waaaaaaaaaahhhhhh.” And you know what?

You are completely right.

Poll Smoking with Mama Bee

31 Mar

Finish This Sentence…
“I am so addicted to (blank) that I (blank).”

House Hunting

31 Mar

More like “House Stalking”…
A few months ago, Mr. Bee & I realized that, because of how we had balanced some of my student loans from law school, the amount we pay monthly now for our P.O.S. 70′s house is the exact same as we could pay for a brand new home in a community that we both love. We like where we live now but we never intended to be here more than 5 years and this month is our 5-year anniversary! The community is fine, but I’ve lived in this area for the last 26 years (minus 5 years or so for college and grad school) and I’m totally over it. The whole neighborhood is slowly becoming a retirement home with hardly any families with young children. With Baby Bee, we need a new hive with young families. The next house will be our long-term home, probably for the next 15+ years (kinda freaky!).

So, anyway. When we realized that we could move and pay less in this horrendous housing market for a kick @ss house, we started looking around immediately. Since we don’t want to live in Seattle proper (want to raise Baby Bee somewhere safer), don’t want to live North of Seattle (commute and communities), don’t want to live much more South of where we are now (commute and communities), it didn’t take long to find where we want to live. It’s a great planned community up on a ridge. The whole area is based around it’s own elementary school (which, ironically, Baby Bee wouldn’t be going to because our “house” would be right over a city boundary line). There also is a whole shopping center with a grocery store, ice cream, hair stylist, restaurants, fast food, and, most importantly, a Starbucks!

We went up to tour the model homes about a month ago and I absolutely fell in *love* with a particular house style (see above photo). It totally fits our budget (after my cold-as-ice negotiations) and would hopefully includes a whole bunch of fabulous upgrades like hardwood, travertine floors and countertops in the bathrooms, etc. I pretty much want to put in my order for the exact model home we toured! I wish I could even get it with all the designer-chosen wall colors and furniture!

Now we’re just trying to play it “cool” with the housing developer. They keep on telling us, “Well, we have a lot of interest right now,” and I’m *this* close to calling bullsh!t on them. We’re trying to not show too much interest and let them know that we really don’t *have* to sell our house right now (and, because of the market, would probably get more for the house if we wait). I’ve also emailed the guy who is our contact at the homebuilder and let him know that “we’re not totally sold on purchasing new construction and there are some other areas we are looking at.” If I were honest, I’d write, “I love this house. We will buy this house. It is simply of matter of when and how much. We completely have our hearts set on your community and this house. We are *totally* in your pocket, Mr. Salesman.” But instead I have to bide my time by longingly staring at our photos from the model home walk-thru and checking the homebuilder’s website religiously. We are currently working on our house to sell it and have made a lot of progress the last month! I’m dying to know what it could sell for (but worried for what it will sell for!).

Question of the Day
Because it has been so long since Mr. Bee and I have been house hunting, and since we really had no idea what we were doing the first time around, do any of you have any tips on home-buying and/or negotiating for Mama Bee? I know a lot of you have purchased new homes in the 5 or so years and hopefully your experiences are fresher in the mind than mine!

Curl up & Dye – Part Deux

30 Mar

Hair Blonder, IQ Lower
Here is a photo of today’s end result! I love the cut and was so thrilled to get an appointment with my regular stylist today. As you can see, my color still isn’t the blonde that I usually am, but it’s definitely headed in the right direction.

When I was waiting in the waiting area/lobby of Gene Juarez, this woman came in with her maybe 12 or 14-year-old. This little girl looked way over-”processed” for being so young, but she was obviously a product of her mother. She was just way too highlighted and plucked for a girl her age.

Her mom was obviously *fighting* her age. She was easily late-late 30′s, but I think probably in her 40′s. But someone apparently forgot to tell her.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for dressing hip and not being all “mom-ish.” But is there an age you reach where it’s just weird to be wearing hip $200+ jeans with a little graphic tee and high heel pumps? Maybe there is just a very fine line where you have to balance fashion with dressing your age?

Curl up & Dye

30 Mar

This is my first attempt at mobile-blogging. I'm currently sitting at Gene Juarez with a head of Saran Wrap waiting to see the results of my hair coloring. I was so excited going in to this appointment thinking that by the end of the day I'd be a beautiful blonde, but no such luck. Even though my hair has already been getting progressively lighter for months, it seems it's not as easy as just dumping some chemicals on my head and calling it good. My colorist thinks I'll need to come in one or two more times before I'm back to blonde. :(

I absolutely trust my colorist 100%, but I'm crushed that I won't be my "normal" blonde for another couple of months. This *might* have something to do with me having the patience of a 2-month-old.

The silver lining is that because my colorist got me in early, I was able to get an earlier haircut with my normal stylist instead of some random chick I've never worked with before!

More updates soon…